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Currently, homes tend to be smaller and smaller. Although at first, this may seem a big problem when decorating, nothing is further from reality. In the case of the room, it is enough to follow some simple tricks to expand the room and that this entire room seems much bigger. They are easy tips but they change radically the way in which this space is seen and perceived.

The 10 best tricks to expand the room

Below we indicate the best tips to expand the room in a simple way. Sometimes small details can make big differences.

1.The sofa near the windowexpand the room

Placing the sofa between walls is never a good idea because when you sit on it you will feel overwhelmed, in a space that is too close and small. Thus, it is best to place the sofa near the living room window. In addition, natural light is used much better in this way. It is the best tips to expand the room in a simple way.

2.Mirrorsexpand the room

The mirrors are an essential decoration element in the living room. The idea is to place them in strategic points, so that a good part of the room is reflected in them, thus giving a feeling of greater depth and breadth. It is the best tips to expand the room in a simple way.

3.Small furnitureexpand the room

To expand the living room, better run away from the furniture of large size and too high. A good advice is to opt for low parts, which provide the feeling that the ceilings are higher. It is also a good idea to opt for furniture that has legs and does not occupy too much space.

4.Lightingexpand the room

To give amplitude to the room, lighting is a very important factor. The idea is to maximize natural light and help with artificial light. A good decorating trick for small rooms is to opt for a ceiling lamp that is responsible for general lighting and place artificial lights at strategic points such as floor or table lamps. Keep reading- 21 interior designs that you should know

5.Orderexpand the room

To make the room look bigger, it is essential that all objects and elements are perfectly arranged. This is especially important in the case of open furniture or shelves, pieces in which everything is visible. The storage boxes of different sizes can fulfill a great function so that everything looks more orderly.

6.Transparent coffee tablesexpand the room

The tables transparent are great allies to give breadth to the living room; you can choose between glass and plastic. In this way, the view is not obstructed and overloaded with decorative elements.

7.Curtains and blindsexpand the room

A very simple trick to make the room look bigger is to place the curtains or blinds near the ceiling instead of over the windows. In this way, space seems larger and the ceilings higher.

8.Cornersexpand the room

In many occasions, when decorating a certain space, the corners are the forgotten ones. However, they offer a world of possibilities if they know how to make the most of it. A corner sofa or furniture that adapts to its shape are excellent solutions to make the most of the space.

9.Invisible shelvesexpand the room

Another very simple trick to make the room seem larger is the invisible shelves. They are very simple and economical and allow to maximize the storage space.

10.Colorsexpand the room

With regard to color, to give room amplitude, the ideal is to opt for light colors such as white or beige, for example. This type of tones maximize the luminosity and allow the space to be wider.

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