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As people login on their tablets on the journey to the office or even work from home, the need for apps to help you out is increasingly important. That is where bots come in. You can chat to these AI-powered ‘virtual people’ on platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Slack to ask for information, help with making a purchase or to do automated tasks for you. We have looked at the top 10 bots for office workers.

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1. Zoom

This useful bot is like your very own personal assistant, as it manages everything about any meetings you have including scheduling, travelling and even introductions.

2. Jarvis

This is a reminder bot to give you a nudge to remember you have a meeting, a lunch appointment or to buy flowers for a colleague’s birthday.

3. GrowthBot

This bot is perfect for marketing and sales professionals, because it connects to marketing systems such as HubSpot or Google Analytics to give you easy access to information and services.

4. mySimon

You can have a personal online shopper with mySimon, offering advice and tips on many products to help you decide where to buy.  For office furniture like Reception Chairs which are a very first impression four business you could pop onto links including www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/reception-chairs/ .

5. CareerLark

To keep in touch with employees, CareerLark builds apps on Slack to ask questions and set up polls or surveys for workers. It can be used for employee feedback too.

6. Statsbot

Also used with Slack but this bot works with tools such as Google Analytics and Salesforce to showcase data. Users can ask data questions in everyday language.

7. Coach Otto

If you have to make a presentation or have a tricky conversation with a colleague looming, you can practice with Coach Otto. It will provide feedback on improving your choice of words and communications techniques.

8. Warren

Warren is a handy friend for freelancers to manage and also automate their business tasks like setting up contracts or invoices. It works well with Facebook Messenger.

9. Bites

If you send email newsletters to clients, then Bites can break it down into digestible bite-sized content to attract attention and engage with customers.

10. Peaceful Habit

Last but not least, remember to unwind. Peaceful Habit is a Facebook Messenger bot where you can set daily reminders to add meditation or mindfulness to your day.

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