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Having already passed the equator of the month of March, it is a good time to take stock of what is bringing us this 2019 decorating trends. Before inaugurating it, we were already talking about the trends that would come with force, and now we are in a position to confirm that many of them have burst in force.

If you want to get in the car you are on time. You just have to choose one or more of the five decorating trends that I will mention below. Prepared?

1- Natural decoration

decorating trends

It is not new, but it is significant that in the catalog of the main decoration brands there are more and more products made with natural materials. The vegetal fibers are making a hole in our home in the form of carpets, baskets and other products that help us reach that level of warmth that we all seek.

2- Green I love you green

decorating trends

A little related to the natural, although away from the brown tone that we usually associate with natural fibers, we must talk about a color that is playing a leading role in the first bars of 2019. I refer to green, which is not only seen in the plants, but also gains strength in vases, candles, tiles, wallpaper … The truth is that it is not surprising that it is one of the most used colors in decoration this year, since it is capable of transmitting optimism, freshness and tranquility.

3- The most authentic rustic

decorating trends

Another trend that continues to rise is the rustic style, especially because we have learned to mix it with other styles achieving a spectacular result. If you are one of those urbanites who would like to have the town next door, the best thing you can do is surround yourself with nostalgic pieces such as those made with untreated wood. A rustic minimalist key falls in love with anyone.

4- Velvet does not leave us

decorating trends

We are not going to say that velvet is a material of raging news because it is not. It has many years of existence and that makes it so desirable even for the new generations, who see in it the possibility of completing environments with a certain vintage air. The best thing is that you can combine velvet of various colors without fear of making mistakes, although it is obviously a material more typical of autumn and winter than of spring and summer.

5- Dark marble

decorating trends

Be careful with the black because it is a color that is sweeping in this 2019 decorating trends as far as decoration is concerned. At last we have knocked down all the topics that say it is a masculine and impersonal color. Now he has a lot to say, especially if he lets himself be seen in materials as sophisticated as marble. And if it seems too cold, do not hesitate to look for winning combinations like the one that joins the pastel tones and the gold and copper finishes.

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