French Decoration
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If the French know something, in addition to gastronomy and romance, it is of style and decoration. Elegance, sophistication, glamor and chic touches are some of the characteristics of the interiors of this country.

Do you want to get this look? We explain the keys of French decoration. Classic details that reveal the taste for history, sumptuous upholstery, deluxe textures, exuberant pieces and much more. We travel to Paris, are you with us?

French Decoration


The French decoration is infinity of details that enrich the interiors. Touches of elegance that do not go unnoticed as the moldings on ceilings and walls. The plaster moldings embellish the interiors and give the space an irresistible palatial air.

Classic details that transform the decoration and elevate the style of any room. And is that, despite its marked classical inspiration, the moldings fit perfectly in many spaces and all kinds of decorative styles. Classic walls that acquire a subtle role thanks to the moldings, with which we can also frame details, such as paintings, highlight environments or even introduce textures.

Frenchified furniture

If we talk about design, the French-style furniture looks curves that contribute to soften the decoration. These voluptuous forms are more feminine and also make us feel more welcome. They are present in the thin legs of their furniture with a marked classic style, which are detached with elegance from the floor.

Designs that are also made with noble materials and high quality. The noble and white wood brings light to these interiors and decorates with a certain discretion. In spite of being classic furniture, the Frenchified designs show a timeless beauty. In other words, they are pieces that do not pass the time.

French Decoration

French decoration icons

As far as icons of the French style are concerned, we are left with the medallion chair and the chandelier lamp. The medallion chair or Louis XVI has a round backrest, carved wooden legs and padded upholstery. A symbol of elegance and comfort that every lover of French design must know.

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And the same goes for the chandelier lamp. A sumptuous lamp with glass tears and a marked classic accent, that although we can find in an infinite number of spaces (even in the bathroom) and even in different decorative styles. It is a lamp with great presence that transforms the decoration and allows us to give a twist to any interior. So it is an investment in decoration.

Romantic flowers

The French decoration finds its inspiration in nature, especially in flowers, to refresh its spaces with romance. Thus, it is common to find floral arrangements in this decoration that add a touch of color and lighten the interiors.

The flowers are also present through prints and even in the form of a wallpaper that allows us to highlight some space and introduce contrasts in a decoration in which light colors tend to predominate.

French Decoration

Tufted upholstery

And to add warmth and comfort to the French-style interiors, nothing better than resorting to furniture with tufted upholstery. This upholstery dresses the interiors with elegance and comfort and is another classic of French decoration. Its padded design adds to all types of environments. We can introduce it through a single piece, such as a headboard, a sofa or an armchair.

And speaking of upholstery, a material that stands out in these interiors is velvet. A bright and sumptuous fabric that brings sophistication and warmth to any decoration. It can also be introduced through cushions that complement the look of the sofa.

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