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This year it seems that the heat and good weather are reluctant to make their appearance. However, you know that sooner or later the temperatures will rise and the sun will begin to warm up pretty. It’s time to renew the decoration of your home to give it that summer air we need. Today we tell you what are the keys that you have to consider if you want to turn your home into a summer paradise.

No one doubts that summer is falling. It may be making the leap, but surely in a short time, we are all, fan in hand, thinking about the holidays. And if you have already started fantasizing about long and exciting days by the sea, you are sure that you are interested in this article. In it I will tell you how you can give your interiors an attractive and refreshing summer air. Do you want to discover how? Keep reading!

The truth is that the summer philosophy in terms of decoration is not complicated. Luminous colors, natural materials, relaxed and comfortable designs … Take note and in a moment your house will be ready to welcome summer with open arms. Keep reading-¬†Decoration tips for small bathrooms

Bet on the natural to achieve a summer air in every cornersummer air

What do you like most when you’re on vacation? Yes, I know you have a long list of things … But surely one of the keys is to be calm, relaxed, enjoy without hurry, without constantly looking at the clock … Well, that air of relaxation is what we have to try to transfer to the spaces.

To achieve this we have several resources at our disposal, and one of the most relevant is the use of natural materials. And, specifically, vegetable fibers. In addition to being fresh and perfect for summer, they add a very special exotic touch. Check this idea

Wicker, rattan, jute, bamboo … Choose them for furniture, mats, baskets, etc. Perfect for a deco chic style lounge. And, in addition, they are very easy to combine with other materials and accessories.

Do not miss the plantssummer air

And if they are large, so much the better. A selection of indoor plants is what you need to get a summer air in your living room. They provide that exuberant and exotic touch of coastal summer destinations and beach environments.

In addition, the plants relax and add naturalness to any corner. And, you know, if you have a complicated hand for the plants and you dry up the cactus, do not hesitate and bet on the artificial plants. Choose some realistic models and enjoy your particular garden. Why not?

Wood slat blindssummer air

Do you want your bedroom (or also your living room) to look like the luxury suite of a resort by the sea? Well follow the guidelines we are offering you today and you will get it. One of them is to install some shutters of wooden slats, very summery.

Choose a model of adjustable slats and help you to sift the sunlight, without impeding the circulation of the breeze (in case it runs, even slightly).

And if you can not (or do not want to) put wooden slats in the windows, you can always use them to decorate the interior. The louvered doors are great as screens or dividing walls, as closet doors, headboards, etc. There are many ideas to consider.

Flax, the perfect fabric for the seasonsummer air

I love flax, especially in these hot months of the year. It is fresh and pleasant to the touch and brings that natural touch that we pursue. It is cooler than other fabrics, even more than cotton or silk. And I’m not telling you if you compare it with any synthetic fiber.

So I advise you not to hesitate and bet on the linen for textiles throughout the house. Both the bedding and the living room will be perfect. A great idea to give your house that summer air we want.

Find a quiet corner and put a hammock or a swingsummer air

Do you already know which is the quietest corner of your house? That where you can not hear a single noise. Where the hustle and bustle of everyday life do not come. Well, when you have found it looks for the ideal piece of furniture and put it there. I mean a hammock or a comfortable swing on which to relax.

And it is that if there is a pleasure in summer, that is the summer afternoon naps. And to turn them into the most of the most you will need a hammock or some similar piece. In addition to providing great moments of relaxation just for you, this element will decorate the space with a relaxed and comfortable touch.

What do you think of these decorative keys to achieve environments that breathe summer air? Do you like them? Well, if so, get down to work because the heat is coming …

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