kitchen look bigger
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We cannot deny that the lack of space is usually one of the main problems of many homes. The shortage of square meters does not allow to unleash creativity and sometimes prevents us from keeping things in order, since we cannot do without absolutely everything. Here you will get 6 ideas to make the kitchen look bigger than it is.

If you are one of those people who care about making the most of your kitchen space, I recommend you pay attention to what you are going to read next, as I am going to share a series of ideas that will make you believe that it is not as small as it seems as make the kitchen look bigger than it is. We start?

Closets to the waist

kitchen look bigger

It is true that sometimes we are obliged to hang cabinets at eye level to take advantage of space. In fact, you will have read more than once that it is a good idea to gain meters. However, on a visual level your kitchen will look smaller if there are furniture that reaches mid waist and others that start a few inches above. The fact that the upper part is clear can make things change a lot at a visual level, so you’ll want to remove them if you can do without them.

The brilliant finishes are your allies

kitchen look bigger

In this war for space there is a great ally. The bright finishes, such as chrome, make the light bounce so that the kitchen gains light, especially if the furniture is white, which is undoubtedly the one you should choose for the walls and furniture if you consider that your kitchen is small

The order is not negotiated

kitchen look bigger

The difference between being ordained and not being is brutal. It is not necessary to carry out a study to realize this, since it is enough to see how your own kitchen is transformed when you finish preparing the food and when you finally finish cleaning all the dishes and accessories that you have used. A good advice is to use solutions that help maintain order, such as bars that are fixed to the wall and allow you to hang ladles, pans and more. The organizers of cutlery, spices and utensils are also very good, either inside a drawer or in full view, which is not recommended.

The floor also counts

kitchen look bigger

When thinking about solutions to make the kitchen look bigger we do not usually remember the soil, which plays a more important role than it seems. Obviously, you have to opt for clear colors, which although they get dirty easily are able to convey the feeling that there is more space. The same can be said of the walls, which with bright tiles allow light to flow easily when reflected.

Invisible bell

kitchen look bigger

Put to remove cabinets that are at a considerable height, why not do the same with the extractor hood? Although today they sell models with a really nice design that integrates very well in the kitchen, there is nothing like getting rid of it when the scarcity of space is a concern. For this you will have to embed it in the ceiling and it will disappear as if by magic. It can also be embedded under a piece of furniture, as can be seen in the image, although you have to be careful with the condensation, because I know cases that have given enough headaches because of a bad installation.

Custom furniture

kitchen look bigger

The solution to opt for custom furniture is one that I recommend with more conviction to make the kitchen look bigger. I have seen very small kitchens in which there is the same storage space as in other kitchens that are twice as large. A custom made piece of furniture can do wonders, since it takes full advantage of the space available. The problem? That they are not economic furniture for all the work that entails its meticulous elaboration.

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