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Professional tips so you do not miss ideas when decorating the home. we share some decor ideas to make your home a special place.

Decor ideas to make your home a special place

1.Collect a collection of accessoriesdecor ideas

And we refer to a collection of accessories that add up and do not miss the space. In this house in Getxo, for example, textiles, cushions, support furniture and vegetation make space have life and be cozy. In addition, the combination of tables has to keep order and proportion with respect to the rest of the furniture – in this case, with the sofa. It is one of the decor ideas to make your home a special place.

2.Introduce a piece of color that comes out of the general palettedecor ideas

The most important thing is to have a neutral range of colors and give that color with some textile or furniture item -always in its right measure, combining it with the basic ones of the house and keeping a general proportions. In this case, the color of the chair with the yellow of the furniture combine perfectly with the wood of the floor and the clarity of the walls.

3.Use plants to dress the cornersdecor ideas

In this example, the vegetation supports the furniture of the room, covering the corners so that there are no dead spaces.

4.Put shelves with books to make unique difficult corners of the housedecor ideas

In this house designed by fandi study, the books dress the corner; a discreet table with designer chairs do the rest. It is a space with an unusual shape and difficult to furnish; the shelves get an amazing place where we would all like to hang out, right? Shelves: Which do you prefer for your house? It is one of the decor ideas to make your home a special place.

5.Choose wooden furniture to give warmth – and not everything is white!decor ideas

Many times, when trying to get clean and pure spaces we forget about the warmth; It is as easy as introducing certain wooden elements that bring that change. In the dining room of the image, the table and chairs contrast and combine with the white color of the rest of the room, making the space more habitable.  Keep reading- Decoration for Summer: How to do it? Step by step

6.Recover the original structure of the house

… often hidden under successive reforms. And if it already happens as in this project of Sauquet Arquitectos, which appears the entrance of light, we get to have the most special and personal housing in the neighborhood. A good choice and combination of materials is the perfect balance between the new and historic of the house. In old houses, whenever there are these vaults, you have to bring them up!

7.Use light as another element when distributing and designingdecor ideas

We have to make the entrance of light combine perfectly with the material of the floor, the colors of the accessories or the use that we will give to the space. It is one of the decor ideas to make your home a special place.

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