spectacular bedroom
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The bedroom is one of the most private spaces in the house. We do not usually open it to strangers and we usually welcome the family. However, it can also become a space for fun or intimacy in which many stories can be written. That is why I think it is important that everyone can create our own bedroom according to our tastes, our needs or our ambitions. Decorating a spectacular bedroom is a real challenge because we need to combine several functions in one and the same space.

If the main and original function is to sleep, the bedroom has become a place where we do many more things, beyond those you already have in the intimate order. We may also use it as a home office. It is possible that we have the television and become a center of entertainment at night or that we install a corner for yoga or meditation. In all cases, the bedroom is much more than the place where we get to sleep and deserves our full attention. Today we propose these 7 ideas to create a spectacular bedroom that will be the envy of the whole family.

A special bed

spectacular bedroom

The bed is probably the most important element of the bedroom. Not only because we are going to spend several hours resting, but because of its size. It becomes a totem that takes over a large part of the available space. Also, sometimes you can leave your leading role to other elements such as a desk or a room.

Some spectacular colors

spectacular bedroom

There is nothing simpler than the use of colors to create different and spectacular bedroom atmospheres. The bedroom is an ideal space to give us pleasure and play with the colors of the walls, of the floor and, since we are in the guilty pleasures, with the colors of absolutely everything. Personally I love the idea of ​​playing with a monochromatic decoration almost to the limit of indecency.

Some wall decorations

spectacular bedroom

It is very important to place on the walls of our bedroom a mural decoration that really takes us to other horizons. Photographs, paintings and all kinds of elements hanging from the walls can be our best allies to create a personality of our own.

Some carpets and harmonic carpets

spectacular bedroom

Never forget the floor when we try to focus on a bedroom decoration project. It is important to take into account several factors such as style, allergies and tastes in order to make the best decisions. We can choose wood floors with rugs, a carpet or a combination of several.

Different and special lamps

spectacular bedroom

I have noticed that on many occasions we often forget the importance of lamps when it comes to decorating the bedroom. It is a shame as they are a decorative element of first importance that allows us to create a perfectly well defined environment. Ceiling lamps such as table lamps, each has its importance so we must rely on its use for our bedroom.

A touch of natural or colored wood

spectacular bedroom

Wood gives us warmth and relaxation. It is a natural touch that always falls well in a spectacular bedroom if we know how to get the most out of it. It is usually very common to choose wood for the floor, but we can also take it into account for a wall and even for both. This will create a very special atmosphere that could remind us of a cozy chalet in the mountains.

A wallpaper out of series

spectacular bedroom

I know that when I say this I am not going to make friends, but I have to admit that wallpaper is an element that already seems a little “old fashion”, or what is the same, something old. Personally I’m not a big wallpaper fan unless it’s a really spectacular one. I think in this case to what are thematic such as maps of the world, plants and even geometric shapes of the Art Nouveau type. For the rest it is an element that must be integrated with care to really make the most of it.

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