Terrace Enclosures
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The terrace or the garden is one of the most special areas of the house. In addition, this outdoor area can also become a continuation of the interior space by means of an enclosure system. Although the main obstacle to this measure is the loss of natural light, there are perfectly conditioned systems to enhance the passage of light from outside to inside. For example, a glass enclosure has this luminosity characteristic. What are the advantages and disadvantages of terrace enclosures?

Terrace Enclosures

Advantages Of Terrace Enclosures

If you opt for this option, you can expand other interior areas, for example, the living room or the kitchen. This can be a practical solution in small apartments.

Permanency: You can enjoy your reading moments and your breakfast on the terrace during all seasons of the year, without being conditioned by the environmental changes that are inevitable throughout the months.

Less noise: Especially intense noise pollution in large cities can make the stay on the terrace not so pleasant as a result of traffic noise. However, the enclosure minimizes the impact of sound inside the room, turning this place into a pleasant refuge of well-being.

Privacy: Intimacy is synonymous with home. However, depending on the exposure of the terrace itself, an enclosure can be a practical solution to increase this privacy by enjoying family leisure plans in this part of the house.

Security measure: Some people who live in a low-rise apartment can opt for this decision if they consider that this enclosure increases the security of the home in general in an objective manner thanks to the protection provided by this structure.

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Terrace Enclosures

Disadvantages Of Terrace Enclosures

In this case, the terrace loses the inherent characteristics of this outdoor place that becomes an oxygen lung of the house.

If you love gardening and the hobby of taking care of flowers is one of your favorite home plans, then you can continue enjoying this activity, however, you will have to adapt the type of flowers to the same conditions of this area of the house which happens to be of interior.

Budget: To make a reform of this type implies investing an added cost in the house. A money that, otherwise, you can save or save for another type of unforeseen. It is important that you request information on the different available resources and adequate materials to carry out terrace enclosures. In addition, before beginning the process of the reform, you have to inform yourself about whether this measure is legally allowed in your building since when it comes to apartments that are located in a community of neighbors, it is convenient to take this factor into account.

Lifestyle: A terrace enclosure is not a generalized advantage in a universal way since each house has specific needs from the family that lives in it. From your own lifestyle, the closing of the terrace can be an inconvenience if what this option gives you is less significant than what it takes away from you.

Therefore, if you have a terrace or garden area in your home, analyze how you will be able to take better advantage of this space integrated into the home because the enclosure is not a benefit in itself but this factor depends on each specific situation. For example, you can also consider what is the usual climate of the place where your home is located.

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