reforming the bathroom
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You want to reforming the bathroom soon? If the answer is yes, I recommend taking note of what I tell you in this article, since I will address some issues that we do not usually consider before starting the reform.

Normally we think of the colors to choose, in the finishes, in the distribution or in the furniture, but we do not pay attention to a series of aspects that are fundamental to enjoy the bathroom as it should.

reforming the bathroom

Beware of humidity

Humidity is one of the main threats of any bathroom, since water makes an appearance when we shower and it is not usually the most ventilated room in the house, so it is a subject that must be taken very seriously. To prevent the dreaded humidity from taking over the bathroom you should check the tiles, avoid any kind of fissures and be very careful with the maintenance. This involves cleaning and drying it thoroughly, ventilate and care for the furniture following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What if the floor has heating?

Those who have heated floors in their bathroom do not want anything else. Can you imagine putting your feet on the ground and noticing that it is hot even in winter? It’s a luxury! If you opt for heating on the floor, keep in mind that the threshold of the door will need a height that will vary depending on the thickness of the floor.

reforming the bathroom


At this point you have to assess the needs carefully. If there are people with mobility problems at home, there is nothing like placing a shower without a curb. Of course, in that case you will have to do everything possible so that the ground is sufficiently inclined so that the water goes down the drain without flooding the bathroom. That and regulate the power of the water jet, since sometimes so much water comes out that not even a good inclination is enough to solve the drainage problem.

An extra privacy

If you do not want to have limitations when using the bathroom when one of the members of your family is using the toilet, what I recommend is to place that toilet in a separate and closed space, so that there may be another person showering or washing the hands.

reforming the bathroom

A large bathroom or two small bathrooms?

Before reforming the bathroom from top to bottom you should answer this important question. Is it better to have a very large bathroom or two small bathrooms? If you have a large family, it is clear that the best option will be to have two bathrooms. However, if you live as a couple or just think about having a child, it is likely that you will have the option of having a large bathroom.

Old problems

The fact of getting into a reform as cumbersome as the bathroom is something that must be taken advantage of. For what? To solve old problems caused by structural deficiencies that can trigger in a bad ventilation or in the bad state of a corroded pipe that sooner or later will give headaches. It is important that the professional or professionals who are in charge of the reform advise you in that regard.

reforming the bathroom

Pipes in sight?

There are those who may think that the sight of the pipes is crazy. However, depending on how you decorate your apartment, it may be something you are looking for. The lovers of the vintage and industrial style see it with good eyes.

When you lift the tiles …

You may get an unpleasant surprise by lifting the tiles both on the walls and on the floor. It is likely that you will find what is known as “wet bed”, which is what happens when they were installed with old techniques that are now obsolete, such as the mortar slab. The solution? Complicated and expensive, which is why there are those who give up.

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