Beautiful houses
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In the article, you can find dozens of photos on which beautiful houses are depicted: projects of buildings in modern, classical and other styles. We consider unusual design solutions and interesting ideas for the construction of country houses with one or several floors. Here you can find popular buildings with different materials, constructions with free planning, mansard floors, and other architectural features.

Beautiful houses: projects with a good design and interior layoutBeautiful houses

Planning is an important stage in the construction of a country house. Before you start buying materials and building a building, you need to make a clear picture of the future construction. And this applies to the layout of the premises, and each of the stages of construction.

In addition to external beauty, the building must correspond to the design characteristics:

  • long service life;
  • reliable and robust construction;
  • comfortable living conditions for all tenants, taking into account their number and needs;
  • safe operation;
  • the opportunity to make adjustments to the design of the front and interior.

Correctly drafted private house gives the opportunity to correctly allocate buildings on the site, as well as successfully organize the layout of premises, excluding conflict situations with neighbors and supervisory bodies because of violations of regulations.

Helpful advice! The construction of a country house under the project will reduce costs, reduce and optimize the process of erecting a building, rationally approach the consumption of materials, excluding emergency situations and improve safety.

How to start the project of a beautiful country house and cottage

If possible, it is necessary to select equal areas, preferably free from greenery, as clearing the site for construction will entail additional costs and delay work. It is preferable to build a house on a hill. In the lowlands, moisture will accumulate constantly, adversely affecting the construction.

The house on the hill has the best performance indicators:

  • there is no need to take into account the height of groundwater;
  • improved air exchange;
  • high level of insolation;
  • beautiful view of the neighborhood from the windows.

Cottage, standing on a hill, subject to the proper layout of rooms, will achieve significant savings in heating and electricity. A sufficient level of penetration of sunlight into the premises will provide permanent comfort. By installing solar panels, you can collect natural energy and use it to heat the building.

Creating a beautiful house project: the most practical layout, taking into account the sides of the world

The layout of a practical and beautiful house largely depends on the location of the plot in relation to the sides of the world and the orientation of the building itself on it. Of no less importance are the type of roof and the form of the structure.

If it is planned to build a cottage with a gable roof, it is necessary to turn the open part of the facade to the south, and the ramp to the north.

Helpful advice! The central facade part should be directed to the south side. This nuance will make it possible to add a terrace, veranda or a massive porch to the project. Located on the south side, these architectural elements can be used by residents as a place to relax in the fresh air.

It is recommended to have a house in the north-eastern part of the site. Due to this, the necessary level of illumination of rooms is provided, minimizing the presence of a shadow on the backyard, which often acts as a deterrent in the arrangement of the recreation area near the building.

When the site and place for the building are selected, as well as the nature of the placement of the box in relation to the sides of the world, a house layout is made:

  • East and south-east direction – suitable for accommodation of guest rooms and parental bedrooms.
  • West and south-west direction – used to arrange a family room, living room, and dining room.
  • South and south-east direction – most often there is a living room, bedrooms, and nurseries.
  • The northern direction is suitable for the arrangement of non-residential economic premises, halls, kitchens, and areas intended for storage.

Rooms intended for leisure and recreation, it is better to place so that their windows are turned on a beautiful landscape, for example, a natural landscape, a patio with decorative decoration or a garden. The installation of blind fences in front of these rooms should be avoided.

The introduction of functional areas in the project of a beautiful country house and cottage

Functional zones are part of the project, and some buildings can be included in the layout of the house.

The following zones are designated for the site planning (if they are expected):

  • the location of the residential building;
  • buildings of economic purpose, including a summer shower, a toilet;
  • Outdoor terrace for outdoor recreation
  • Outdoor terrace for outdoor recreation
  • Parking, carport or garage;
  • sauna or sauna;
  • guest houses;
  • a recreation area and a gazebo;
  • playground;
  • garden and garden area;

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