casual style decoration
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The choice of decoration style to dress the house from a unified perspective is one of the most important steps to make decisions from a defined prism. One of the trends to decor home is the casual style decoration. A term that is also present in fashion and that in the field of interior design.

It reflects that happiness purpose of feeling comfort and wellbeing during the time at home. The home is a place with a special meaning since it is the point of daily return and that space in which many of your leisure moments take place in time to simple home plans.

What are the characteristics of a decoration that follows this growing trend? This is a type of decoration that represents that pleasant welcome experienced by those who visit a place for the first time. Every detail is designed to increase this joy of the days that pass from the calm.

Kitchen to enjoy

casual style decoration

The casual style decoration can define all the rooms of the house. The kitchen, a main center of the house as a meeting place and family reunion, conveys beauty from the simplicity of colors and shapes. A place where life takes place in time with flavors, conversations and recipes.

The kitchens that have enough space to integrate a central island express this beauty together with the practical functionality of comfort. It tries to strengthen the strengths of each place in the house, also identifying areas for improvement. It enhances the beauty of each place from itself. A comfortable kitchen that transmits light and that through its image invites you to stay in it.

Pleasant textures

casual style decoration

The decoration interpreted from the five senses invites to pay special attention to the information experienced in the immediate environment of the home through sensations. Just as the view perceives the colors that produce a color therapy effect in the state of mind, the sense of touch perceives the pleasantness of the textures. Therefore, to define the nuances of a casual style decoration you can also embellish the living room and bedrooms through the use of soft fabrics that are pleasant to the touch.

Textures that are updated and renewed throughout the calendar to update the home according to the needs of winter and summer. This renovation increases the surprise factor in the house through these details that are not secondary but main in the decoration plan.


casual style decoration

The casual style decoration can be synthesized in the meaning of this word that summarizes the decorative line of this proposal. Simplicity in lines and forms. Therefore, structure each space avoiding excess. What is the measure of simplicity? That perception of the place that transmits harmony and balance in the image of each of the rooms that are part of that everything that is your home. A home in which equilibrium flows as a main premise from the perspective of the totality and the particular.

In reference to this criterion, the color white is one of the tones that you can use to renovate your house. A color that transmits perfection and light. The strength of perfection of the white lies in that, beyond its simplicity, it combines with a wide range of proposals.

Therefore, this type of decoration promotes well-being from the search for the comfort of a place that increases relaxation against the rhythm of the professional agenda. This trend can also acquire the perspective of casual style decoration by introducing some more special piece of decoration into the space.

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