small dining room
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If you have a small dining room that you want to take advantage of, you are in the right place. Today we present some good ideas to optimize every available meter of the small dining room, without sacrificing comfort and style.

Because, sometimes, we do not need to have a free room to convert it into a small dining room. Maybe a small corner in the kitchen, in the living room or even in the open air can be enough to create a dining area. We tell you how.

small dining room

Opt for open spaces

The ideal would be to have a room in which to locate the dining room, but not all of us can reserve a space in the house to create this environment. So, what is the solution? Our advice is to correctly plan the space in search of a correct distribution.

In this sense, open and connected spaces are the best solution to create an extra atmosphere at home, as is the case of the dining room. For this, we must choose the largest room in which we will place these environments. Generally, they are usually the kitchen and the living room.

Choose your most spacious room and then plan the distribution. Rectangular, square, with untapped corners … Once you have located a possible corner for your improvised dining room, it is time to choose the furniture and accessories.

small dining room

Tailor-made or multifunctional furniture

If space does not allow it, the ideal is to opt for custom-made furniture. With them you can optimize the maximum available meters in your home, especially those difficult corners that you do not know how to furnish. Although they are more expensive, custom furniture is, by far, the one that best suits our spaces and needs.


In addition to custom furniture, there are many other options to create a dining area in any corner. For example, multifunctional furniture. We refer to the extendable tables, the banks with interior storage space and the furniture that fulfill several functions.

Do not lose sight of the folding furniture, such as chairs and side tables. In this way, when you do not need them you can collect them and have more space for other uses and activities.

Thus, planning the distribution and choosing furniture correctly are fundamental aspects to create a small dining room in any room of the house, either in the living room or in the kitchen. Maybe the small space of your living room next to the window or that corner without taking advantage of the kitchen.

small dining room

Do not forget the outdoor spaces

Do not limit yourself only to interior rooms, since outdoor spaces also offer us great possibilities, even if space is limited. If you have an urban terrace, take advantage of it to create a small dining area in it.

In this sense, folding furniture is the most appropriate option. Also opt for extendable tables or stools and poufs that can fulfill several functions (like seat and small extra support point). Vertical solutions are also a great help, especially in outdoor environments.

From shelves to shelves. The solutions of order and storage are very useful when we want to create a dining area, since in them we can place plates, utensils, tablecloths and many other necessary pieces when we are going to enjoy a nice meal in the open air.

And before finishing, some final considerations. Remember that each person must have a space of about 60 cm and the chairs that you place should have a space of 70 cm behind them to move them comfortably.

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