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We all know that double glazed windows help to keep the heat in and that they help keep the noise out. But what actually is a double-glazed window? We all benefit from this ingenious invention ever since Ted Moult insisted on telling us get some fixed in. To prove his point, he used to drop a feather down the window edge to prove there were no drafts. How then does it actually work. But here is some generic information about double glazing:

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Double glazed glass or insulating glass is essentially glass that is made up of two or three glass panes placed together and separated by a vacuum or sometimes gas filled space. This is a noble gas as opposed to a vacuum.  Whilst a vacuum is ok if it blows out then the double glazing is significantly reduced in it effectiveness. You can see when this happens as condensation builds up in between the glass. If these happens then ideally, they will need to be replaced. For an Emergency Glaziers Leicester company you could try sites including https://www.nanduglass.co.uk/replacement-glazing/.  There still technically double glazed just not as effective. Earlier in we mentioned that rather than be filled with nothing, a vacuum is effectively nothing, then the area can be filled with a noble gas. What is a noble gas, I hear your say. Well, it’s a gas that basically does nothing, it’s inert, it doesn’t react with anything, so it creates and great heat shield. To give you an example, the Hindenburg had Hydrogen. This is not a noble gas. It will react with something. In this case it reacted with a spark and made a lot of fire very quickly. A noble gas will not do that. Helium for example the substitute they use for Hydrogen is noble and does not react to flame or heat so it is a nice safe alternative.

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This is certainly something to consider if you want to go it alone and do a DIY job on the windows. You won’t be able to get a noble gas in enough quantities and there is no way you are going to be able to extract the air out to make a vacuum. All of the frame that you get either Double glazing is uniformly specially cut PVC. This provides and easy wipe clean option that has more than enough rigidity to keep the windows in place with out any issues. Old Ted Moult would have been proud.

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