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We may well be in for a long, hard winter, although earlier reports that it will be the coldest winter on record have not been validated by the Met Office. Being ready for the colder climate is not only important for comfort, particularly if you come into one of the vulnerable age or lifestyle categories, but it is good practice for saving money on your heating bills.

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What can I do to prepare for winter?

1) Get your boiler serviced and check that it is working efficiently

You need to employ a qualified professional. Unfortunately, many people do not check their boilers until something goes wrong. If the heating stops working or you have no hot water, it is better to sort this out before the colder weather sets in.

2) Bleed radiators

This is also a task that tends to be done too late. If you have not used your heating for many months, now is the time to check for those air pockets. This is a job that can safely be done by the homeowner.

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3) Think about pipe insulation

This can save you money as pipes may burst if they freeze. There will then be leakages as they thaw out. Consider pipe protectors; you can buy pipe protectors online for convenience. This is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

4) Look at furnishings and check for gaps

It’s a simple measure, but making sure that your sofas and curtains are not blocking the radiators can go a long way. Consider rearranging the layout of your rooms if furnishings are an obstruction. On the other hand, you can help to retain heat by hanging long curtains at doors, particularly if you have no hallway and your front door is in your living space. Also check for gaps around doors and windows. Draught excluders and better insulation can really help cut down heating bill costs while keeping you warm.

5) Look at greener alternatives

For some ideas on being more eco-friendly, take a look at the Energy Saving Trust. If you are looking into home improvements, this is a good time to assess your energy consumption.

Some older people and those on benefits are eligible for winter fuel payments. Make sure you don’t miss out on anything you may be able to claim.

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