Gardening Tips for Beginners
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We all started sometime, and the ideal is to do it with good advice. In gardening, starting badly can mean that we stop gardening since it is very demoralizing when we lose some plant due to ignorance. So here, we have prepared some basic gardening tips for beginners. So, you can start well, and continue with this art that fills our soul.

Gardening Tips for Beginners

Gardening Tips for Beginners

The gardening is an art that anyone can perform. You just have to be constant, have patience, and enjoy being with the plants, take care of them, and admire them, because sometimes they take care of themselves.

If you are a beginner, here are some tips on gardening so that your first experiences start being pleasant. The first advice is that you start with a few plants, then go forward, so you go little by little.

Always get information about your plants

It is good to have a book specialized in gardening and botany, they are useful, they teach you about the right lands, and the care of the plants.

The internet is also a good source when you need to search about a particular plant. Try to have all the necessary information to take care of all your plants.

Choose well where you plant

Gardening Tips for Beginners

The place where you plant each plant will be very important. There are plants that need a large land, others can take advantage of Bad Lands, so inform yourself about the needs of each plant.

You should also take into account that there are plants that extend their roots too much for the sides, so it is convenient that they are in pots, but drown the neighbors. And they can even ruin pipes or the floors of the house.

Transplant with care

Almost all our plants come from the nursery or the store, so they usually come in pots, and one of the most frequent mistakes among beginners is that they make a hole and there they put the plant, without more.

You must look carefully at the plant, since it will surely have the roots rolled up, and the soil with which it came a little bit packed. Ideally, you will crumble the earth, and leave the roots free, and then return to cover them with fertile and soft soil, so that they can expand without problems.

Pruning the plants is good

Gardening Tips for Beginners

All the plants need to be pruned since otherwise, they go in the vice, that is to say, that they grow of more. Sometimes it is a matter of space in our garden, but other times, it is a matter of taking care of the plant so that it does not become weak and ugly.

Or it grows more for the space in which it lives, and it does not get enough nutrients, and it ends up drying up. Or as it grows more, it ends up covering the lower branches and causes them to dry out, or allows the entry of parasites that infect the plant.

Of course, find out what time and time, and how to prune each of your plants, that each has its specialties. But do not be scared, it’s not that complicated, it’s enough to search the information here on the web.

Not all insects are bad

Gardening Tips for Beginners

You should know that not all insects cause damage to plants, in fact, most are good. So it is not advisable that you eliminate all insects from your garden, you must learn to recognize those that are harmful to plants.

For example beetles or worms, fertilize the earth. Some insects like these eat the manure of the birds, which by itself is not good, since it corrodes the soil, but after being recycled by the insects, it ends up fertilizing the soil.

The worms are very good for aerating the soil, and to give nutrients, as they feed on waste and dead plants, and transform them into nutrients suitable for the soil to become rich for plants.

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