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General cleaning- The most important thing is the order in the house because it creates the mood in the family. And it also helps to organize your thoughts, for it is not for nothing that it says: “Who has ordered in the house, and the mind is bright too.

” But not everyone can support the perfect order in the apartment around the clock. Let’s clean: it’s damn difficult! But probably. We have collected 5 basic rules that will help maintain order in the house not only on holidays but every day.

General cleaning:  remove superfluousgeneral cleaning

In order that the house was clean, you need, first and foremost, to get rid of unnecessary things. Look at all the rooms, do you have a lot of junk? Figurines, vases, caskets, notebooks, pens … Are these all the essentials? We think not. Leave a couple of things, dear to your heart, and the rest – give, give, sell. Do whatever you want, but get rid of the trash.

 work in stages

Cleaning the house is very difficult. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to rush into it like a whirlpool. This sensitive issue needs to be approached very seriously. Divide the days of the week into rooms and every day go into them. So, for example, on Monday, lead the perfect cleanliness in the bedroom, on Tuesday – in the bathroom and so on. Thus, you will split one big task into several stages and thereby make it easier for yourself to work. And on Saturday, after all the rooms have already been cleaned, just vacuum the house and wash the floors. It’s very simple!

Cleanliness in the kitchen

The kitchen is the place where you spend most of your time, where you invite your guests to have a cup of tea. Therefore, the kitchen should always be clean. Wash dishes immediately after eating. Never leave it overnight in the sink. Believe me, it’s much nicer to go into a clean kitchen in the morning. Clean the refrigerator both inside and out. Regularly discard overdue products. Pay special attention to the handles of kitchen cabinets, microwave ovens, and other household appliances. They should always sparkle!

Fighting dust

Particular attention should be paid to dust. Its always a lot: it flies into the house with windows, doors and even ventilation! The vacuum cleaner will help you to get rid of it. However, the operating mode should be put on a wet cleaning, otherwise, the dust will spread all over the apartment. During cleaning, you need to thoroughly clean the shelves and the TV – in these places too much dust accumulates.

Everything you need at your fingertips

Make a list of those things that you constantly use and check where they lie. If you have to crouch in the closet in search of bath towels or you always hide your favorite shoes in the corner of the nightstand, think, is it not easier to put things that you use most often in a conspicuous place? Thus, you can easily avoid a mess in the apartment, because there will not be extra things, and the necessary ones will always be on hand.

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