How to design your kitchen
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In most cases, the kitchen is the most striking and with more movement of a home space, so it is so important to choose well between the different possibilities. The kitchen designs that we present offer multiple advantages and disadvantages that we should know how to take advantage of, in order to choose the one that best suits our needs. In this article, we will discuss how to design your kitchen with 7 comfortable distributions.

When choosing the distribution that you will use in your kitchen, you must first think about the available space, the style of decoration, your lifestyle, the size of the family, your budget, etc. If not, you could end up with a kitchen that is not functional or that does not completely meet your needs. That being the case, we show you the seven main kitchen distributions that are currently used.

7 Comfortable distributions to design your kitchen

  1. Kitchens in U
  2. Kitchen in L
  3. Linear kitchens
  4. Kitchens with island
  5. Kitchens with peninsula
  6. Kitchens in parallel
  7. Elongated and narrow kitchens

How to design your kitchen- 1: Kitchens in U

It is a style that does not go out of style, where the distribution of the kitchen is made using the space of 3 walls. This distribution can provide a highly functional kitchen, where the refrigerator, sink and cooking plate forms a more or less equidistant triangle. Of course, the distance between these three key points of the kitchen can vary depending on the space available; however, U-kitchens guarantee an excellent workflow with short distances.

In spite of this, this provision may not be appropriate for small spaces, since the distance must be sufficient to guarantee good mobility at all times. This option is really convenient when the available space is square and will allow two or three people to work in the kitchen with enough comfort.Kitchens in U

How to design your kitchen- 2: Kitchens in L

The kitchen in L stands out as one of the most popular and common. It is ideal to receive relatives or friends since they allow having auxiliary spaces inside it to eat. In the distribution, two adjacent walls are used, leaving the space open, and the limitation of a single-pass zone is eliminated.

When choosing this type of distribution should be considered that the space between refrigerator, sink and cooking area should be sufficient to allow work areas. The kitchens in L are ideal for large spaces as well as for small spaces.Kitchens in L

How to design your kitchen- 3: Linear kitchens

If you have a small or narrow space this distribution is for you. A linear kitchen maximizes efficiency in the use of reduced space, and its design is designed for especially narrow spaces, where it is only possible to take advantage of a single wall.

It is a very intelligent and very simple solution for this type of stays. The most suitable thing would be to have a wall that measures about three meters or more, preferably without windows or doors. Something that should be noted is that the distance between the sink, kitchen, and refrigerator produces longer distances, as a consequence of the linear distribution.

Nor does it allow the work of several people with comfort, unless the wall is more than three meters long. A good idea to improve the use of space and reduce traffic is to locate the sink in the center of the kitchen, leaving enough space on each side, especially with the kitchen plate. The use of drawers in the upper part is another way to make the most of the small space available.Linear kitchens

How to design your kitchen- 4: Kitchens with island

It is a very popular distribution today and that allows more interaction. The kitchens with the island are perfect when receiving guests because if the island is placed facing the dining room or the living room, you can keep in touch with the kitchen at all times. By placing the sink or plate in it, you get a triangular arrangement of the three key points of the kitchen, to improve efficiency. The islands with colorful bells are usually the center of attention of the guests, presenting an impressive vision. This is a distribution that we must choose only if we have enough space for it; otherwise, we would end up frustrated with a little functional kitchen.Kitchens with island

How to design your kitchen- 5: Kitchens with peninsula

In kitchens with peninsula, the distribution is made by arranging work areas perpendicular to a wall. As a result, the design offers an aesthetically pleasing view. It is another of the popular designs of recent times, where you can see luxurious designs that place two of the areas on the peninsula, especially the kitchen and the sink. The vision of the bell on the peninsula offers a striking and impressive view for the guests. Also, it allows us to interact in a good way when we have visitors.Kitchens with peninsula

How to design your kitchen- 6: Kitchens in parallel

Parallel kitchens are the ideal option for many professional chefs since they make the most of the available space. It must be taken into account that the space between both sides of the kitchen must be sufficient to guarantee clear traffic and to open the drawers of both sides freely. In this arrangement, changing from one work area to another is achieved practically given the fly, so that the work efficiency is increased by reducing the longer transfers. When the distribution is made, the kitchen and the sink should be on the same side, to avoid accidents as much as possible.Kitchens in parallel

How to design your kitchen- 7: Elongated and narrow kitchens

This distribution is ideal when we have particularly narrow and small spaces. The elongated distribution allows having the three key areas within the kitchen in a functional way, even when space is narrow. However, a disadvantage that represents is the distance between the sink, the refrigerator, and the kitchen. This distribution causes long transits while you are working. Even so, it is the ideal kitchen distribution when there are very small spaces. Although, in fact, it is more an adaptation of the other distributions, being the most used the kitchen in elongated and parallel elongated.Elongated and narrow kitchens

We hope you will like these distributions to design your kitchen. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!

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