industrial style kitchen
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The industrial look conquers the house, including the industrial style kitchen. This unique decorative style reaches the stove to give a very particular touch to this space. Wealth of materials, industrial decoration icon pieces, aged-looking surfaces and much more.

In this article we offer you the keys you need to know to give an industrial touch to your kitchen. A trend look that is much easier to achieve than you imagine. Do you want to renew your kitchen?

industrial style kitchen

Wealth of materials

If there is something that should not be missing in an industrial style kitchen is the wealth of materials. Just take a look at the lofts of New York to discover eclectic corners and rich in materials and finishes.

Metal, wrought iron, noble wood, exposed brick , concrete, cement … All these materials enrich the interiors of the factories that show a decoration with many contrasts that add volume to these interiors. In our kitchen, we can achieve this look through accessories. Stainless steel utensils, cutting boards in wood, wrought iron teapots, marble surfaces … The possibilities are many and very diverse.

Factory look icons

As far as furniture is concerned, in the industrial style kitchen cannot miss pieces as representative of this decoration as the metal stools. These pieces are decorative, because they allow us to create atmosphere, and also very practical. If we have a countertop or office area, we can hide inside the countertop and take full advantage of the available space.

industrial style kitchen

The dining tables in dark noble wood and aged look are another basic essential in our industrial kitchen. This type of furniture has a great visual presence, so we need enough space for these furniture.


If you want to break with such coldness and brighten up the sober decoration of the factory kitchens, go for a daring touch to this space by mixing chairs of factory aesthetics like the Tolix but in different and striking colors. A yellow industrial chair, another green, blue …

First of all, functionality

In this sense, we cannot forget either functionality. Industrial kitchens are very practical. A good way to achieve this is decorating this space with metal shelves, light design and high height, such as those that often decorate the old factories.

This furniture is a great solution to give an industrial touch to the kitchen and, at the same time, they offer us a solution of order in sight for those accessories that we use very frequently. A trick to not give up aesthetics is to decorate these shelves with beautiful compositions, so take out your favorite dish, your glasses more showy …

industrial style kitchen

Factory lights

As far as lighting is concerned, our advice is to opt for metal lights and industrial appearance to light up your kitchen. In the office area opt for a row of several lamps that illuminate an elongated American bar. In the rectangular dining table opt for a factory design lamp that allows you to delimit this space.

Finally, do not forget the little details that will help you to give the final touch to your industrial kitchen. We refer to metal plates and vintage aesthetics, so common in factory interiors. Another option may be to add a vinyl carpet with a motif that imitates wood or bricks. A factory touch that is inspired by this look and, at the same time, is very practical, to protect our floor in the most conflicting area of the kitchen: the stove.

And you, what do you advise us to recreate the factory aesthetic in the kitchen?

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