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The landlocked country of Uganda in West Africa has a rich history steeped in culture, with hundreds of magical sights to bear witness to.

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Uganda is home to some of the best national parks in the world, one of which – Kidepo Valley National Park – features in CNN Travel’s list of the top ten safari parks. From embarking on a gorilla trekking holiday to visiting the source of the Nile in the town of Jinja, tourists will be spoilt for choice when it comes to making memories in Uganda.

Ntebe za Mugula

No trip to Uganda would be complete without a visit to Ntebe za Mugula – a seat carved from rock in the town of Entebbe that has gradually turned into a cultural site and place of worship. It is incredible to think this was carved out of pure rock without the use of Tapping Machines like the ones provided by Cotswold Machinery for working with metal. On the boundary of Entebbe is a rocky area where seats have been carved into the formations to overlook Lake Victoria. Folklore suggests that a village leader named Mugula crafted the rocks during the 19th century as a seating area for judicial meetings. Chiefs would sit here and hold court, adjudicate cases and hold village meetings.

The spirits

Spiritualists believe that gods and spirits rest in Lake Victoria; therefore, over time, the Ntebe za Mugula has become a place where they can call on the spirits for help and guidance. At the foot of the cave underneath the infamous seating area are baskets, cloths and pots for visitors to leave money or gifts as an offering to the gods. A cultural ritual known as ‘okuwomba’ is also carried out here.

For those who are not visiting to seek spiritual guidance or pay homage, the site can be enjoyed for what it is – an impressive area in which to rest and relax with a spectacular view of Lake Victoria.

Uganda relies on tourism for conservation purposes, which is why so many people are eager to visit this area of the world to experience the site of Gorillas. There are so many lesser known areas of this vibrant country that have much to offer tourists old and new.

Take a trip to Ntebe za Mugula and soak up the history of this impressive cultural site.

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