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Many garages are used for more than just keeping the car secure. If you use your garage for hobbies as much as for a parking space, you’ll want to heat it so you can keep using it even in winter.

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Keeping as much heat as possible in your garage through insulation in the walls and ceiling of your garage is important before you even think of investing in a heating system. Stop draughts from your windows with insulating tape and try adding a layer of bubble wrap over the glass to add extra protection from the cold.


A convection heater can be powered by electricity, gas or propane, so is flexible to whatever best suits you. They work by circulating air across a heating element and then convection moves the hot air around the space. It could be a good quick way to heat up your garage.

Ductless Heating

An easy to install heating system, ductless heating uses just one unit to heat the space around them, and they are efficient-energy so could result in a lower energy bill than some other forms of heating.

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In-Floor Heating

More often associated with luxurious bathrooms, heated floors are often a practical solution for garages. If you need lots of storage space and garage shelving, then in-floor heating can leave your walls free for shelving from www.garage-shelving.co.uk/. If you’re spending a lot of time in your garage doing something like rebuilding a classic car, then a radiant heating system can make the space much more comfortable for you to work in.

Propane Heater

Build It says garages needn’t be overlooked and that well-designed garages can be valuable multipurpose spaces. So whether you’re crafting or gardening in your garage, a heat source such as a propane heater can make it a versatile space.

Wood-Burning Stove

Seeing the flickering flame of a wood-burning stove can make any space, including your garage, feel warmer immediately. If you install one, make sure it follows government guidance so you don’t require planning permission and you could be benefiting from one of the most powerful ways to heat your garage with as little effort as creating the hole in the wall for the flue. Check your home insurance policy to ensure a wood-burning stove would not affect your cover.


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