Lamps 2018
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It is the forgotten eternal decoration. However, it is much more important than it seems. Trends in lamps 2018 is able to transform a space with its single presence, enhance details that we thought were forgotten, add warmth, achieve an intimate and cozy atmosphere …

That’s why we want to dedicate an article to lighting. Because lamps fulfill a much more important function than you think. It is not only about lighting, but also about decorating. Discover the decoration trends lamps 2018.

Lamps 2018

LED lights and solar lamps: Sustainability and energy saving

Before we start talking about aesthetics, we have to make a special mention: technology. In lamps 2018, sustainable trends will continue to be very present in our lives and, especially, in our homes. We refer to led lighting. Low consumption lights that represent an important energy saving and that, moreover, are more resistant and durable than conventional lights. The reason they last much longer is that they heat up less, so they are also less dangerous.

And speaking of sustainability and energy saving, we must not lose sight of solar lights. The lamps that are recharged with the sun will also be very present throughout this 2018. Some portable designs that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

Organic forms and vegetable fibers

As regards design, trends in lamps 2018 will be the great year of organic forms. Imperfect designs that are inspired by nature and that are also made with plant fibers, such as rattan, sisal, jute, etc.

These fibers are hollow, so air and light circulate better. This makes environments much lighter and fresher. In addition, they connect us with nature and put an unexpected touch to the decoration.

Lamps 2018

Industrial aesthetics

Industrial aesthetics will also be present this trends lamps 2018. We are talking about metal lamps with pickling effect, inspired by the look of the old factories. Pieces with a lot of character that add personality to the decoration.

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Despite its marked factory style, these luminaires fit very well in all kinds of environments and decorative styles. So do not be afraid to introduce an industrial lamp into a Scandinavian, contemporary or even sophisticated interior. The secret to get it right is to choose the finish well: white for a Nordic decoration, silver for a modern room or copper for a sophisticated and chic interior.

Transparent lamps

In 2018, transparent lamps will also triumph. This type of luminaires are perfect for environments that need a lot of light and direct. The reason? Being the transparent screen, the light does not find any obstacle. So the space receives a lot of light.

Lamps 2018

Lights that explore other materials

If we leave design and technology aside, we have to talk about materials. This trends lamps 2018 will continue to be the protagonists of the usual but reinvented materials. We refer to wood, marble, cement, concrete, etc. That is, traditional materials that are now present in unexpected pieces such as the case of lamps, whether ceiling, table, standing, applique, etc.

Contemporary and minimalist design

Finally, we must not lose sight of the lamps of modern and contemporary design. Neutral colors, simple lines and discreet designs make these luminaries a great choice for their timeless beauty. In addition, they are incredibly versatile models that fit perfectly in all types of environments and adapt to all types of decorative styles. Although they are usually found in Nordic interiors because of their discreet and simple beauty.

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