Vintage kitchens
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The Vintage kitchens are fashionable, so now almost nobody gets rid of the old wooden furniture because we can give it another life. Nowadays the vintage style is inspired by the furniture of yesteryear, in old pieces and in all kinds of details without ceasing to give us current and functional environments.

In this case, we will see ideas to create vintage kitchens, with colorful or classic furniture, with industrial or rustic touches, because we can always adopt a trend for our tastes and preferences. But for this, you have to look for ideas and receive inspiration.

Classic vintage kitchens Vintage kitchens

The vintage kitchens can have a very classic style, with the typical wooden furniture of all the life and simple tiles. This, for example, is inspired by that style that does not usually go out of style. What is new is that bluish tone so cheerful, that it was not used in classic spaces and that it renews everything. Keep reading

Kitchens in white Vintage kitchens

The color white can also be used in vintage kitchens, although we almost always see them in the shades of wood. The worn white color is something that we have seen a lot in the Nordic style and that we have in the current kitchen like this. They have painted the doors blank and left the countertop and shelves in wood. Simple but very decorative.

Pastel kitchens Vintage kitchens

If there are some colors that are associated with the vintage style, those are pastel colors. The retro trend brings us household appliances and kitchen utensils in colors such as rosewood, sky blue or mint green. The typical Smeg refrigerators are always used for these types of kitchens because they add touches of color and we have them in many shades. From an intense red to light blue or pink. Keep reading – Ideas to decorate industrial style kitchen

Vintage colorful kitchens Vintage kitchens

The vintage kitchens can also have intense colors and flashy. These, in particular, have shades such as red and turquoise. Keep in mind that we will also have to use a lot of white in this type of kitchen since intense tones can saturate.

Chic style kitchens Vintage kitchens

The chic and elegant style never goes out of style. There are those who want to have a chic vintage touch in their kitchen, with beautiful lamps, delicate tones, and a cozy atmosphere. These, for example, have a vintage and cozy style with painted wood furniture, elegant lamps, and plants to give color.

Country house kitchens Vintage kitchens

The cottages usually use the vintage style in many of their rooms. This, for example, has an iron kitchen inspired by the old but in beautiful white colors. The white tiles are totally vintage, as well as those of the floor, with that geometric pattern of colors.

Kitchens with industrial touches Vintage kitchens

The industrial style is very much linked to the vintage and there are times when we see them very mixed. In these kitchens, we see industrial touches on the stools, the wooden boxes. And especially those bulb-type lamps that are trending right now.

Kitchens with the rustic atmosphere Vintage kitchens

A vintage kitchen can have other styles, like this one, that offers rustic touches on those old metal lamps. The kitchen in the form of a fireplace and the brick walls. The vintage style is perfect to mix with many others, so it is very versatile.

Vintage kitchens with dining room  Vintage kitchens

In vintage kitchens, we also sometimes have to add the dining room. This should have a style similar to the kitchen since it is usually integrated into it. Vintage tables can be of many types and we can also include retro chairs like green.

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