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The sun a little sulk in your living room and the light is not always at the rendezvous? A place to color tips! Which, where, how, why? On the way to the kingdom of palettes, color charts, and good ideas, for a colorful living room full of gaiety.

Colors to choose for a dark living room

White, this revealer of brightness

living room

Rest assured there is no mistake, this article on colors actually begins with a detour to white. Because its pigments best reflect the natural light because it exists in pure white, off-white, light linen and multiple shades because it leaves all free to play on the decoration … Because it deserves it, quite simply! Whether your living room is dark or bright, the white will always be a good advice. That’s it, now let’s see what we can do very pretty with other colors.

Natural, pastel, make the wall in color!  living room

To bring pep’s in your living room, do not hesitate to distinguish a wall with a few rolls. But be careful, just as you do not paint a wall in a dark shade in front of the natural light, so as not to darken the room, a dark living room deserves attention: we will choose a light shade, natural as the linen or beige, and why not warm, by picking in the palette of light yellows.

Color, from floor to ceiling

For the ceiling little surprise, a glossy finish white paint promotes the reflection of light. It seems like a very good point. For the floor, bright colors and dark shades will tend to “close” the room, making it visually less bright and smaller. So place in light shades, and we are more interested in the choice of materials: do you prefer the natural seagrass, the simplicity of the tiles, the nobility of a beautiful floor, the ease of installation of lino? The possibilities are many, and it’s nothing as long as we have not opened the field of carpets: they are plain, patterned, geometric and/or graphics, if it’s clear, it’s allowed! Keep reading

The color accessory of the salon  living room

On the walls, very bright colors and very bright will tend to darken your room and visually make it smaller: a small madness that can be reserved, and with pleasure, a masterpiece of furniture or small touches, on accessories such as a vase, candle holders, a photo frame … especially if you like cool colors, such as green and blue! Because they have precisely the art of enlarging the sensation of space. So, the turquoise cushion reaches you, a mint green armchair makes you an eye … And what do you think of a pastel pink sofa?

The mirror, the light asset of the day

How to speak color, not to mention that of the outside? The mirrors reflect the natural light and, through the play of reflections, enlarge the room. In the evening, they play with the artificial light, so pretty when it is diffused, lavished by various sifted sources. The mirror is all the colors in one object, and the full of light! Keep reading- LIVING ROOM: MODERN HOUSE DESIGN IDEAS AND INTERIORS

Bye bye heaviness, hello colors!

If like me you are a bit messy, welcome to the club of the best enemies of the most beautiful decor: because lighten a dark room and bring color, it is also clear space, ventilate, releases! Four pockets, for example, is too much. Beyond that, we can also look at furniture: no, the thick walnut thick table is not a good girlfriend, it prefers a light wood and a finer piece of furniture. Yes, the curtains eat light, even when they are open and they have not been asked, and the blinds could be a good idea.

Do you feel it, that after all that we see it, your decoration, this answer of colors between the cushion and the vase, this harmony of matters, this love which you put at your place?

The fluo favorite living room

Finally, here is a small slideshow favorite that shows that the words sometimes dress very badly a nice creativity. Because if the word “fluo” is not especially dream, it is still quite possible that you are seduced by some accessories of this neon slideshow, which awakens quite the pupil!

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