modern dining room
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Does your modern dining room begin to bear a certain resemblance to that of the series? In that case you should worry, although not more than the account because everything has a solution. It is enough to take a liking and be prepared to start a kind of revolution that does not have to be very expensive. Everything depends on how far you want to go and the budget you are willing to spend.

Next I’m going to give you some ideas that work. There are some that I have put into practice and have been great, and others have fallen in love to see them in the homes of friends and family with modern dining room deserving of decor influences.

Unpaired chairs

modern dining room

Decorating with unpaired chairs is something that has been very successful for a few years now. Its popularity is increasing and the truth is that it does not surprise me, since it gives an air of originality and freshness to the modern dining room. In fact, I’m sure you’ve also seen this trend in bars and restaurants that are up to date. There is a lot of freedom when it comes to mixing, although the chairs should be of decorative styles that are worn well so that the result is not tacky.

Scandinavian style

modern dining room

The choice of decorative style for the modern dining room is very personal. Although the industrial and the vintage are still on the crest of the wave, the most modern of all is still the Nordic style , especially when it moves away from that classic minimalism that began to take off at the end of the 90s. Companies like IKEA make it present in millions of homes around the world.

Details with a lot of color

modern dining room

The dining room can be modernized with touches of color. It is enough to give life to a corner or choose specific details to make it look like another. Colors such as yellow, red, green or orange, which are rarely used at their best, can be accommodated in your modern dining room without being out of tune, especially if it is spring or summer.

An eco-friendly dining room

modern dining room

Another trend that they take is the one that encourages us to be respectful with the environment. The eco-friendly wins followers and there are more and more brands that make it easy to decorate with products that do not destroy our planet. In addition, you are always in time to recycle furniture and accessories so that this environmental spirit rises to the maximum power. It will not cost you to find videos that encourage you to become a real handyman.

Lighting to the last

modern dining room

The lighting of the modern dining room is very important for the simple reason of being the place where we gather to eat. You can use ceiling lamps and table lamps like those of a lifetime, but I encourage you to try modern hanging lamps that run away from the designs of the past and that include bulbs with personality, which are sometimes visible to become in the great protagonists of the decoration.

Warm light or cold light? Neither one thing nor the other. Passage of warmth will make it more difficult to modify the aesthetics of the modern dining room, but an environment that is too cold will not convince you and you will want to change the bulbs ahead of time. Find the balance without forgetting that what matters are the tastes of those who will live in that dining room.

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