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To choose the correct air conditioning system, first evaluate the characteristics of your home and reflect on our energy saving and use goals. Do we want to cool the whole house or just the sleeping area? How much do we want to spend? Does the condominium in which we live authorize us to mount an outdoor unit? And the municipal regulation what does it say? All these questions must be taken into consideration when deciding to purchase or replace the air conditioning system. To avoid mistakes, we have prepared some practical suggestions to keep in mind.

Here are our 5 tips to choose the air conditioning system according to the house!

1. Only cold air or even hot air?

One of the most important questions to ask is the type of conditioning. Some people only want to have fresh air in the summer, others may want to add the possibility to heat the house with the same system. This second choice is very often adopted, where the winter is mild and just a minimum supply of hot air to make the house comfortable. In recent years, however, the diffusion of heat pumps has made the hot / cold solution convenient even in the North.

2. Understanding which environments should cool

It is not said that it is worthwhile to cool the whole house. People who work from home, for example, spend most of their time in the office room and maybe do not need to have a split in the kitchen. Ditto for those who are away from home all day and prefer to cool the sleeping area. In these and other cases, good design is essential.

air conditioning system

3. Presence or absence of a false ceiling

The model of conditioner that today has less impact on the aesthetic level is the so-called ducted. The big advantage is to reduce the number of split (replaced by simple fillers) and place the jets of cold / hot air in the most strategic points. On the other hand, this system requires the presence of a false ceiling or at least the space to create a new one. In fact, the conduits and the air conditioner must be positioned (and therefore hidden) in the false ceiling. As a result, masonry or exposed-beam ceilings, as well as low ceilings, complicate and sometimes make it impossible to install ducted air conditioners.

4. Current air conditioning system

The air conditioner should not be simply added, but integrated with the current heating system based on the characteristics of the building. Given that there are interesting incentives for those who restructure, but also for those who only use heat pumps, it would be advisable to evaluate upstream the purchase which model is better integrated with what we already have at home.

5. The housing context

The last aspect that we suggest you consider concerns the living context. If you need an outdoor unit (alternatively there are air conditioners called “unique”, i.e. without outdoor unit) you must know that the condominium regulation imposes respect for the decor that other tenants could obstruct. In addition there are the landscape constraints of the historical centers, very rigid and far from negligible. The opinion of a local installer becomes essential to clarify any doubt.

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