terrace at Christmas
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Do you have everything ready to receive Christmas? There are a few days left to begin these days indicated in the calendar and we have already been offering you some ideas to decorate your house for the occasion. We have learned to dress the dining room, the bathroom and the kitchen, and today I want to focus on the terrace at Christmas of your home.

We are going to see 6 ideas to decorate your terrace at Christmas; if you have an outdoor space (can also be adapted to a balcony or garden) do not forget to decorate and fill it with color and joy. Here we discover several proposals that you can decorate in terrace at Christmas.

terrace at Christmas

1 – A crown on the entrance door

Let’s start with the door that connects your house with the outside area. In it you can hang a beautiful Christmas wreath that is already giving indications that Christmas is lived to the fullest in this place. The crowns are beautiful on the doors. You can put them green with details in red, for example, white or another color that you like. It will also be helping to decorate your terrace.

2 – The Christmas tree

Maybe you already have your Christmas tree in the living room or in the hall. Why not also on the terrace? So from the outside you will also be giving a lot of color to your Christmas decoration. If your terrace is large and you have trees take advantage of one of them to fill it with balls and lights (remember that they must be appropriate for outdoors). If you do not have one, you can place one during these days in one of the corners. If you are decorating the balcony there are small Christmas trees that are sure to be very nice and decorative.

terrace at Christmas

3 – Betting on the details

Do you have pots on the terrace? Place Christmas decorations on them. Would you like to give it an extra light? Install a garland of LED lights on one of its walls. You can also hang small ornaments on the rail in the form of a star, bells, reindeer or Santa Claus. These are small details that will help you decorate your terrace with a lot of style and you will not need much money for it or too many things. Sometimes with very little we get much more than it seems.

4 – Christmas lighting

When we walk through the streets we see that lighting plays a key role in the Christmas decoration of any city. The same thing we will get with your house. I’ve already told you before the garlands of LED lights. They are ideal for this purpose. I personally like them more in white, but if you prefer the many colors you just have to place it where you like best: in a tree, on a wall, in the pots, on the balcony … Also add some candles to give it a feeling very welcoming.

terrace at Christmas

5 – Warm and cozy textiles

I love a terrace where textiles are given importance. They turn this space into a very pleasant place. In winter they are essential in the outdoor areas to bring that touch of warmth, and at Christmas I encourage you to play with them. You will triumph with the Christmas prints but you can also place blankets of hair or cushions in more neutral tones so that they contrast more the details that you have placed.

6 – New Christmas plants

To give another extra decoration to your terrace, add typically Christmas plants to the decoration. Make sure that the one you choose will be fine outdoors. Firs or plants in red tones, for example, will always look great.

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