vintage style bedroom
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On the contrary, this bedroom looks like the first day. The secret? A vintage decoration that bets for a classic and timeless beauty that does not understand fashions. And, at the same time, cozy, relaxing and appetizing.

This is what we propose today in decorideaa: decorating a vintage style bedroom: nostalgic, personal and unique. We present the keys to create an intimate, enveloping and super appetizing refuge. You will find the bedroom of your dreams here.

Classic style furniture

To decorate a vintage style bedroom you cannot miss the classic style furniture that will give a romantic touch to your decor. Bet on designs of curved and sinuous shapes. That is, French-style furniture in light and bright colors, such as white and warm earth tones.

Natural materials and fibers

As far as materials are concerned, the natural triumphs. The furniture and textiles of a vintage bedroom opt for materials such as hardwood and vegetable fibers such as cotton, linen, etc. In this sense, the furniture looks the veins of the wood that introduce textures in the decoration and contribute to create that cozy, warm and enveloping atmosphere.

And speaking of natural, the winks to nature are another key to decorating a vintage-style bedroom. We refer to nostalgic botanical prints that are present in the bedding as in the small decorative accessories (paintings, etc.).

vintage style bedroom


Other pieces that will give the vintage touch to your bedroom are the antiques. If you can afford it, bet on an old piece of furniture (maybe a bureau desk). But if you prefer, you can always opt for an imitation that conveys that feeling of antiquity. A good idea? Try a medallion chair, a vintage clock, a classic bust or a chandelier (chandelier type).

This type of pieces add character to the decoration and put that old and classic touch that makes our bedroom is not like the others. There are endless pieces and vintage details that will help you recreate that nostalgic and romantic aesthetic.

Personal details

The vintage style bedroom also have a special touch that is run by whims that help us to personalize the decoration. Something we get with the help of photographs of our loved ones, books and many other gifts with special value or meaning.

vintage style bedroom

Pickled surfaces

The vintage decoration is inspired by memories and evokes the passage of time. Something that we can also achieve with the help of aged surfaces. Pickled wood is another key to this decorative style.

The wooden furniture looks vintage and engraved with floral motifs that introduce textures and give life to our bedroom. And is that these designs have many details that make our shelter so special.

The final brooch: Recovered pieces

The final touch is in charge of all those decorative treasures that you had planned to throw and that are ideal to add character to your vintage bedroom. So if you have furniture and pieces inherited from your grandmother, encourage yourself to give a new use to these treasures that you can recover and update yourself.

And here lies another of the charms of vintage decoration: unexpected pieces that combine style and practicality. For example, a medallion chair that you can place near a window to create a reading corner, but that will serve as a seat, to barefoot for example. Opt for multi-functional pieces that, in addition to decorating, can have many other uses.

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