wood decoration
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Many of us love the modern style in the design of our houses, which achieves sophistication and elegance, as well as a dynamic and fun aspect. Similarly, when we use wood decoration in our house we achieve a more cozy and warm atmosphere to refresh the interior of our house.

That’s why in this book of ideas we combine both concepts to present you a series of amazing wood decoration designs to highlight the genius that comes with modern-style houses.

We start?

1 – Wood, Cubism and Light

wood decoration

This television area has achieved a unique aspect by involving a wooden background with original cubic design and an excellent use of lighting to give more depth to the design.

2 – Contrast and Elegance

wood decoration

In this photograph you can see how this closet becomes the center of attention in this room, where natural wood decoration creates a beautiful contrast with white wood to create an elegant result that combines excellently with the rest of the room.

3 – Wood Coatings

wood decoration

In many occasions, covering the walls with wood becomes an ideal option since this material combines very well with decorative elements such as steel and stone which are characteristic of the modern style in interior decoration.

4 – A Natural Header

wood decoration

In this room you can see how the background wall achieves a very remarkable contrast by using wooden sheets to cover the entire surface and then a colorful pattern has been installed to give more brightness to the room.

5 – For your entire room

wood decoration

Wood decoration can become an ideal option for its flexibility when decorating an environment. In this photograph you can see how this room manages to combine excellent lighting work with the different wooden surfaces that create a modern and dynamic environment.

6 – To separate spaces

wood decoration

In this photograph you can see how the professionals have implemented an ingenious wooden separator furniture with a semitransparent style to delimit the dining area with the living room in a subtle and elegant way. It is worth mentioning that when you work with wood decoration for create your environments, you can obtain a greater luminosity if they have a good source of natural light.

7 – To complement

wood decoration

It is not necessary to use large furniture or decorative elements to create large spaces. In this photo you can see how this modern spherical design lamp achieves greater prestige by its wooden base located on the top of the roof. You can also create amazing bathrooms using wood as a source of inspiration.

8 – To give always to talk about

wood decoration

The flexibility and versatility of wood decoration have no limits, since you only need your creativity and disposition to obtain incredible designs that will attract the attention of anyone who passes in front of them.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to create!

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