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Log timber homes are incredibly appealing and stylish, but many people worry that they’re difficult to maintain. In fact, with the right kind of treatment they shouldn’t be any more demanding than other types of materials.

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The thing to remember with timber is that it can get damaged by insects, fungi, mildew and water. Too much sunlight can also cause timber to warp, and changes in temperature can cause it to shrink and swell. Once you understand what can affect timber, you can set about to treat it effectively. There are lots of products available to keep timber in top condition, with treatments available as liquids, powders or in solid forms.

Drying Timber

Looking after log home timber can begin before the wood has even been installed, and a popular method to keep harmful moisture at bay is to dry the timber out. Air-drying timber can take around a year to complete, so it’s not a quick process by any means.

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Borate Solution

You can keep timber free from insects and fungi by dipping it into a borate solution.

Cleaning Solution

Whether you choose a log timber home or a bespoke oak carport such as those from www.bespoaktimberframes.co.uk, it’s inevitable that you’ll want your wood to look as good as possible. Treating the wood with a suitable cleaning solution is one way to achieve this, as it gets rid of any mud, dirt and grime that may have stuck to the wood during the construction process.

Wood Preservatives

One of the most effective ways to prevent timber from coming to any harm is to use wood preservatives. According to Brewers, wet rot, dry rot or woodworm can be prevented by using efficient wood preservers on new wood. Essentially, preservatives keep water out of the timber.


Chemicals, called biocides, are often added to preservatives to keep fungi, insects, mildew and mould from attacking timber.


Sun can be just as harmful to timber as water, so products that contain a kind of sunblock are often applied to wood to keep damaging UV rays at bay.


Even if you have applied preservative or stain to your timber, you can give it extra protection by adding a finish coating. This will keep the sun’s rays off the wood and gives the wood an added layer of waterproof protection.

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