ideal aquarium for your room
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A very good idea is to place a beautiful aquarium in the room, because they require little attention. If you live in a hurry and do not have much time, do not worry, fish are your ideal pets.

Ideal aquarium for your room

ideal aquarium for your room

But beware: fish are living beings, with basic needs that you should always keep in mind so that they stay healthy and beautiful. You can choose a freshwater aquarium or a marine aquarium, everything depends on your tastes.

Separate waters

There are freshwater fish and saltwater fish. The fish that live in the sea are not the same as the freshwater fish, a freshwater fish can not live in the sea and vice versa. So, it is better to avoid mixing saltwater fish with freshwater fish, it is better that each type of fish are in separate aquariums.

Some fish originate from cold areas and others from warm waters . Believe it or not, there are extremely aggressive fish and friendly fish. The most aggressive fish is : the Fish Knife, this must have it in a separate aquarium and if possible alone or with your family group, because if you mix it with friendly and peaceful fish you can finish them.

ideal aquarium for your room

The most friendly and peaceful fish is : the Rainbow Fish. Before buying the aquarium, it is very important that you go to the store and ask for the fish, according to that choose the aquarium that best suits your needs.

Basic needs

An aquarium is like an ecosystem where aquatic plants, fish and microorganisms live that help maintain an adequate balance. You could say that it is not a natural environment, you have to ensure its oxygen content, by cleaning the water and also by maintaining the proper temperature.

ideal aquarium for your room

Therefore, it is better that you buy products, simple and inexpensive artifacts. The food of this ecosystem has to be contributed from outside. Currently there are packaged products that contain a complete food for the fish, but it is always better to consult for the needs of each species that you have in your aquarium.

In the aquarium there must also be some aquatic plants, these not only serve to decorate the space, but also serve as food for aquarium fish. Try to throw into the closet a portion of food that is fresh, it will be necessary and welcome.

Daily care to maintain the aquarium

ideal aquarium for your room

Turn on and off the lights : the light of the aquarium has to be working twelve hours daily, always try to turn on and off the light at the same time. To facilitate this task, I recommend that you use a timer.

Check the temperature : to check the temperature of the aquarium you have to buy thermo-heaters from the market and check the temperature of the aquarium once a day with them.

Filtering : it is essential that you check and check if the air pump or filters work correctly.

Feeding : it is very important that the fish of your ideal aquarium feed them three times daily and avoid that the food falls to the bottom of the aquarium. Apart from dry food, you have to give them live food, for example, daphnias or brine shrimp.

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