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Have a study space which needs decorating? Want to work in peace away from the kids and other distractions? Follow these tips on how to make your study room procrastination-free whenever you are working from home.

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Organisation Is Key

Residential shelving Ireland offers many options to maximize your space and ensure you are working efficiently. Desks, storage boxes and folders look neat and tidy and can be customised with any theme. A clean and clear desk with little personality will limit distractions and procrastination. However, a little customisation which highlights your hobbies, such as artwork, quotes or photos from travelling, may motivate you and remind you why you are working. Plus, having a constant optimum temperature is proven to increase productivity.

According to Forbes Magazine, office decor is constantly evolving and becoming more modern as businesses think of ways to increase productivity. For example, the idea of standing desks has become a recent trend and brings a healthier lifestyle change which prevents some health problems.

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Having a minimalist design is not just more practical but makes everything look neater and more organised. Companies such as rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving can help you eliminate clutter, and something that doesn’t help with clutter is wires from electrical devices such as printers. If you can’t get wireless, you can simply hide wires using PVC pipes, Velcro ties and zips to keep them behind desks.

Be Environmentally Friendly

Residential shelving Ireland helps, but scanning documents and making everything digital limits clutter and saves paper. Inject some nature-inspired decor into the space with a plant. This added greenery brings a part of the outdoors inside, and it adds a touch of colour and texture.

Natural light is proven to increase productivity, help you sleep better and provide vitamin D. It will improve your mood, create calmness and decrease your electricity bills. In addition, poor lightning is detrimental to your eyes. Likewise, you want to reduce noise distraction, so having a space that keeps you away from it is very beneficial.

Lastly, investing in a good office chair that can support your posture and be comfortable can save you from many further health problems. It is the one place that you will spend most of your time, so your chair must be both supportive and aesthetically pleasing.

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