Day of the Book
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Although many people enjoy new reading experiences through the format of the audiobook, as well as it is possible to gain more space in the home thanks to the electronic format, the decorative potential of the books is present in so many charming bookstores that become a point of interest for lovers of letters. The decoration of your house talks about you, your tastes and your lifestyle. If reading is part of your philosophy, your favorite authors and your reference books will also have a prominent place not only in your heart, but also in your home. On the occasion of the celebration of the Day of the Book you can transfer this theme to the decoration of your home. How to decorate the house from this raw material of paper books?

Special lamp

Day of the Book

Imagine the essence of a literary-themed lamp that personalizes a room in the house with its novelty. Lighting is one of the most important elements of a home because of its influence on well-being. The literary theme can differentiate the lamp design selected for a place.

Books on your bedside table

Day of the Book

Each person creates their own routines to find a few minutes per day for reading and advance in the pages of the work that occupies the interest of the present moment. A possible anchoring is to always have a book located on the table next to the bed to be able to consult new news before dismissing the day, creating a pre-sleep rest routine that can be accompanied by the calm of the letters. This can also be a place to give prominence to a work that has a more special value for you because of its emotional meaning.

You can also use the books as a base that offers support for a different element.

Books on the dining room table

Day of the Book

The sofa area is one of the main areas of the house as a resting place. In this place, the books can also be perfectly placed in an intentional way because of their decorative value on the coffee table that is practical and functional on a day-to-day basis. Through this visual information of the books present there, not only can you enjoy that reading at certain times, but also those who visit you can also get to know you better through this very personal aspect.

You can give a leading role to works with visual value, for example, art books or photographs that offer you a new panorama every time you visualize the content reinterpreted from the mood and the vision of the recent moment.

Book covers

Day of the Book

The true essence of a book is its invitation to reading. The discovery of a plot that transmits a story, a message and a conclusion. The decorative factor of the publishing universe is present in the proper language of the cover and in its typography. As if it were a picture or a photograph you can see on a cover that you love a decoration accessory that acquires visibility in a special place.

Geometric decoration

Day of the Book

The geometric decoration can not only be present through the decorative motifs of the patterns of the textile products or through the drawing that imprints this particular prism on the tiles of the bathroom or the kitchen. The books become the complement of perfect geometric decoration in a set composed of different elements that create an original all in different ways.

Enjoy the celebration of the Day of the Book beyond reading to do it also through the decoration.

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