bathroom decorating tips
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A small bathroom, even tiny. Yes, that is the reality that we all have in our homes. Lamenting is not much use so, after having seen a few solutions on how to optimize space, storage, etc in small bathrooms, we can not miss a key factor: ideas to make them beautiful.

Everything we have commented, without a doubt, is the way to decorate a small bathroom. However, we do not want to stop commenting on some non-negligible aspects that will help us to turn them into a unique space.

Small bathrooms decoration tips

bathroom decorating tips


Everything that surrounds us has a color and, no one will doubt, that color has strong stylistic and psychological connotations as well as the influence it has on the perception of a space. A color can make a space larger or more cheerful and/or bright. In general, it is obvious to think that in a small space it is more effective than the predominant color is white. White for everything: floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, shower, etc.

On many occasions, we find that our small bathroom is old and we can not face a comprehensive reform. In the past, almost all the materials that were applied to the bathroom were white. In these cases, we can turn the disadvantage into an advantage and enhance the values of the old in the uniqueness of the stay. This type of small bathrooms, with the right elements, acquire a very industrial style of contemporary character.

bathroom decorating tips

However, the monochrome options are not the exclusive option for small bathrooms. If we want our bathroom to vibrate with color, it is advisable that the proposal is also innovative and risky. One option is to create spaces of mixed materials: a smooth wall, another with colored tiles, wooden flooring … When the choice of material is multi-colored and multiform tiling, it is ideal to define ZONES that contrast with intensity with the rest of the surfaces. See the examples that we present.

In narrow bathrooms, it is convenient to take advantage of the color to provide a feeling of spaciousness.


Essential elements in the bathroom but the market now offers multiple solutions to save space in small bathrooms. Before deciding, we should ask ourselves if we really need a bidet or if we can do without the bathtub and replace it with a shower.

In the case of toilets, the suspended models occupy less and offer a feeling of greater amplitude.


We have already commented on other occasions but the integrated sinks make space seem wider and we can opt for models that occupy less. Check all the contents on the integrated countertops and sinks in our previous post.

bathroom decorating tips


Put plants in the bathroom. Little. In tune with the magnitude of the space. Take advantage of the holes that apparently do not work at all and apply sets of small plants, especially cactus. If you write them on glasses or vases that you have been able to prepare personally, the result will be surprising. Look at the examples that we show you.


In line with the plants, we can add a touch of uniqueness with small details such as the paper roll holder or the storage system for several rolls. There is no doubt that the proposals we present may or may not please, but with simple elements, we will contribute to our small bathroom, touches of distinction.

In small bathrooms, it sometimes happens that there are unused spaces that we see as an inconvenience when, in reality, they can be the solution to house some of our objects at the same time that they will turn our bathroom into an original room.

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