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DESIGN OF THE KITCHEN- A couple of decades ago, the kitchen, combined with the living room, was considered more overseas exotic than an element of everyday life. Fashion for studio apartment came to us shortly after the fall of the Iron Curtain. The merits of the studio space really a lot. First, studio apartments usually have higher functionality. Compared with standard layout apartments, studio spaces save a whole room: when you move the kitchen to the living room, a room is released that can be turned into an office, a bedroom or a nursery. Secondly, studio apartments correspond to a dynamic modern life with its desire for comfort and free premises. Many customers believe that it is better to get one large and roomy space by adding a kitchen to the living room than two dark tiny rooms, where the sofa hardly fits.

Finally, today there are several styles that imply a studio approach. First of all, we are talking about the loft. Although in modern style and minimalism, space is also often organized on the principle of the studio. And even design projects in the style of classic or art deco today often mean creating a design of the kitchen, combined with the living room.

In our new review, we have collected for you the best photos of the interiors of houses and apartments, in which kitchens are combined with living rooms. All presented examples demonstrate the latest ideas of zoning and decorating studio space.


The bar counter in the design of the kitchen, combined with the living room, is, first of all, a means of zoning. As a rule, this element of furniture is part of the multi-functional kitchen island. But there are also independent bar counters, supplemented by high chairs or chairs. Do not forget that for the barrack you need to find the right accessories. First of all, it is necessary to take care of buying a ceiling lamp, which will give this functional area of independence. In some interiors, the bar counter, in view of the limited footage, replaces the dining island. Finishing of this element of furniture is determined by the general style direction. If you want the light in space to circulate as freely as possible, then you should pay attention to the racks with a through the base.


In the design of this kitchen, combined with a living room and a furnished corner sofa, the role of the bar is made by a laconic black console. The narrow table top serves as a continuation of the glossy baguette framing the opening between the functional zones. Design-project of the interior of the apartment in the style of art deco provides for the creation of a full-fledged dining room, and therefore the bar counter here will be used as an area for fast breakfasts and snacks. Additions to the bar stand are high modern white chairs with a golden frame.


And the design of this kitchen, combined with the living room, is solved in a modern style. White, devoid of any fittings, the facades of the built-in kitchen furniture on a general light background seem barely noticeable. This method allows you to “disguise” the area for cooking food under the residential area, which helps harmonize the space. The textural finish of the modern bar counter follows the decision of the wall in the hall. Thanks to this approach, the unity of space is formed. Bar chairs with lilac upholstery, in turn, echo with sofa cushions and a vase of streamlined shape.


Highlighted onyx is one of the most popular materials today in furniture decoration. They often decorate the countertops. Especially in demand onyx in design projects, solved in the Art Deco style. In the design presented in the photo of the cottage in eco-style, this stone is decorated with a bar counter. Thanks to the black glossy inserts with a mirror effect, the sheen of noble onyx only intensifies. As a result, the bar counter, along with the panel depicting the face of the sculpture close-up, becomes the main object of attention. This element of furniture also acts as a coloristic accent. Together with soft furniture of a lilac shade the golden bar counter perfectly dilutes the beige-brown scale.


How does the bar stand look like in the loft kitchen design? As a rule, it is very simple. The worktop can be wooden. And the base itself is often finished with bricks. You can supply such a bar stand with modern black chairs. In the design of the kitchen combined with the living room, space is zoned using a bar counter and a small sofa, turned away from the cooking area. Having established a high narrow tabletop in the pier, the designers retain harmony and symmetry: space is divided into almost two identical areas by area. It is important to understand that the bar in the loft, which is oriented towards the creative elite, is not just an element of zoning. Here, friends of musicians can discuss the concept of the new album, and modern Remark after a glass of Calvados to think about the ending of the next novel. the decor of this zone should be creative. In the example of an apartment in loft style, this area is decorated with colored lamps in the form of flasks of different shapes. On the wall, the designers suggest placing the guitar itself or its model.


Kitchens combined with living rooms in the private house are mostly large in size. In comparison with city apartments, country residences, as a rule, have a large footprint, and accordingly, there is no need to save on the kitchen space. The layout of studio spaces in private houses is often linear: the kitchen, dining room and living room line up along one line. The dining room, as a rule, serves as a transition from the kitchen space to the sofa area. Although in some residences the dining area can be located at a distance from the kitchen, closer to the area for relaxation. For the zoning of a kitchen combined with a living room, an island is most often used in a private house, which at the same time can serve as a bar counter, a storage system, and a working surface.


Kitchen-dining-living room in a private house in their planning is guided by the principle of centricity. In the center of the room designers, Ruslan and Maria Green decided to place a light sofa in the shape of the letter P. The rest of the functional areas line up around the sofa area. The means of zoning space is a kitchen island, decorated with highlighted onyx. Bar stools with an upholstery of a berry shade on color echo with sofa cushions. This method forms the unity of the functional zones. The decoration onyx is repeated in the decor of the door portal leading to the staircase.

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