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If you are plagued with persistent bad odours coming from a sink or toilet, it’s time to action. Here are some ways to improve the way your home smells:


Scented candles are highly popular and come in a huge variety of delicious scents and aromas to tantalise your nose. Just be sure they are always extinguished before leaving unattended and it’s a good idea to keep them in a glass holder to stop hot wax from dripping onto your furniture. Fresh linen, vanilla and fruity scents are a popular choice for freshening the air in a room.

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Air Freshener

There are loads to choose from, whether you want a simple peel and place slow-release freshener or a battery-operated intermittent spray variety. These are handy as they provide a consistent level of pleasant aromas without the need for repositioning or replacing too often. They are also safer than candles.

Eliminate the problem

Of course, to permanently improve the bad smells, it makes sense to eradicate the smell-causing issue. For help with sorting out Blocked Drains Chelmsford, visit a site like https://www.3flowdrainage.co.uk/drainage-services/blocked-drains-essex/blocked-drain-chelmsford

Pot Pourri

This is a traditional method for improving the smell of an interior space and also makes for an attractive centrepiece. The scent doesn’t travel very far however, and the pot pourri can gather dust but if you’re looking for decoration and a sweet odour, then pot pourri is a good choice.

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Homemade spritz

If you have a spray bottle and some essential oils, you can make your own spritz to freshen up linen, curtains, cushions and any other soft furnishings around the home.

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