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There are still of us who believe in Father Christmas and we often wonder where he spends the other 364 days a year. We know his whereabouts on Christmas Eve – flying around the world delivering gifts to all the lucky children. There are a few rumoured locations that are said to be possible places of residency for Santa and here they are:

Rumour One – Does Santa live in Lapland, Finland?

It gets cold here, really cold! Temperatures can drop to as low as -45 degrees creating a beautiful Winter Wonderland. Lapland is located in the Arctic Circle and covers part of Sweden, Finland, parts of Russia and Norway. There are also lots of reindeer in the area, an estimated 34,500 of them in fact. So, there are plenty available for Santa’s travels on Christmas Eve in case Rudolph isn’t well for example. Lapland also has snowfall all year round and very dark nights, ideal for keeping Santa hidden and allowing him plenty of rest before his globe-trotting.

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Those who like to study Christmas believe that the great man himself might reside in Rovaniemi, more affectionately known as ‘Santa Claus Village’. There is a post office here specially for delivering letters to Santa, an office belonging to Saint Nick himself and you can even visit the elves busy making toys in the gift shop.

Rumour Two – Does Santa live in the North Pole?

Perhaps Santa thinks Lapland is lovely but there might not be enough snow there to keep him happy. That’s why the North Pole might be a better location. It’s a wee bit cold here for anyone to live, but if he was tucked up in his log cabin with a roaring fire, he would be content. The reindeer might not be so happy though! When you think of Santa’s house, you picture a brightly lit, cosy log building with a chimney puffing out steam into the frosty night air. If you’ve always fancied your own cosy log cabin, then consider Log Cabins for sale in Northern Ireland. Here you’ll find a range of log cabins in Northern Ireland for sale.

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Rumour Three – Does Santa live in Greenland?

People in Denmark want to claim that the residency of Santa is a little closer to them. They think his home might be found near the city of Uummannaq where he owns a small abode by the sea surrounded by meadows for the reindeer to graze.

Whilst we might never know the exact address of Saint Nick, a little of his Christmas spirit lives within all of us, even when we grow up. All we need to do is believe! Where do you think his home is?


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