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Many office workers spend much of their day sitting on a swivel chair that is considered deluxe if the back rest adjusts, despite established research on the damage long periods of inactivity on this type of seat can cause.

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Modern alternatives to swivel chairs

Some employers are beginning to offer alternatives that deal with these issues, including adjustable standing desks and so-called ‘action chairs’ that reduce spinal stress. These include wellness – large, yoga-like – balls with a weighted bottom, or buoy, which look rather like a public waste bin but work miracles by using gravity and core muscles as you tilt and spin your way through the working day.

The ultimate alternative

If these alternatives sound futuristic, imagine spending every day in a chair that is said to provide the closest thing to zero gravity you can experience outside space travel.

The Elysium chair is the ultimate answer to all seating-related health conditions. Created and designed during ten years of research by British inventor Dr David Wicket, this outstanding piece of engineering is based on the merging of key principles from both biology and physics.

Along the same lines as floatation therapy, the chair uses the notion of zero gravity to capture the most comfortable position for its user. This is generally at the point between lying down and sitting up, with the user’s weight evenly distributed.

If tech talk leaves you baffled, let’s think about it in more basic terms. This is a beautifully made chair that is comfortable to sit in for any number of hours because it adjusts itself. It is a chair that responds to you and cares only for your ultimate and ongoing comfort and good health.

There are no noisy motors or cables to deal with and not even a control panel; instead, you use simple hand gestures to control movement. This is quite a contrast to the lever mechanism regular office chairs rely on for adjustments! Perhaps one day easy office furniture will be the norm.

If you must have this chair in your life, you need to act quickly and have an understanding bank manager. There are only 20 available right now and each costs a whopping $26,000 (over £21,000). One for the Christmas list, perhaps? You also might want to consider how you get the new chair to your office as its cost so much to buy you don’t want it getting lost or stolen.  A Slough Same Day Courier service found at sites like https://www.uk-tdl.com/same-day-courier/same-day-courier-slough.html  will get it to you and you can even track where the package is at all times and it will need to be signed upon delivery.  The other great thing about this is you can choose a day and time to suit you.

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