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Enhancing the decoration space of a home is a universal goal in a project that expresses the beauty of this place. How to decorate to gain space? Here we give you four possible ideas to gain space with decoration …

1. Simplify the decoration of your house

gain space

You can transfer this essence of minimalist philosophy to the style inherent in the different rooms of your home, finding in the subtraction of details, a sum of meaning. You can pay homage to the simplicity that is opposite to the complexity of a process in which there is no clear direction. Therefore, if you want to update the decoration of your home or start this process from scratch it is recommended that you simplify it.

This purpose of simplicity means that in this process of finding proposals, comparing ideas and selecting trends, you choose what transcends the changing through a value proposition. Simplifying the decoration of the house is a positive challenge to gain space since, in addition, this composition of the puzzle of the place adds order and visual harmony to the landscape that describes the beauty of each of the rooms.

2. Use of height

gain space

The vision of the home can also focus on the use of the height of the house. There are different formulas to optimize this visual language, enhancing the objective of gaining storage space. The shelves are an example of this. Open shelves that can also be part of the aesthetics of the kitchen as this is one of the current trends in the decoration of this core of the house.

The creation of custom cabinets is also a means of support to achieve a creation that perfectly fits the characteristics of this context. A possible idea that the bedroom can wear.

Another of the formulas is one that puts the accent on the creation of a vertical garden at home, a place of nature that adds beauty. Reinforcing personal wellbeing given the link between the natural scenario and the inner growth of the human being.

3. Mirrors

gain space

The mirror is an essential element in different rooms of the house. For example, it is a main element in a dressing room. The mirror is an element that enhances the visual amplitude of a place by allowing us to observe a perspective of the place through itself. A mirror adds a set of perspectives. The mirror also enhances this visual amplitude of a place because it is in perfect connection with light.

A mirror that is located in front of the window of the room in which it is located creates an image that refers to this exterior beauty that describes the visualization of this focus of light. Where you place the mirror influences the result of the final image.

Another trend is the placement of a mirror that is directly supported on the ground.

4. Use of the passage areas

gain space

Another of the possible decorating tips focused on this goal of gaining breadth in the house is to observe the areas considered passing as a transit point to get from one point to another as something more than a functional area for that purpose. These passage areas can also have decoration proposals to optimize the available resources. For this reason, the hall is a protagonist of the house due to its own merits, an area that far from being secondary is a priority.

The hall is this room that represents a metaphor of welcome home. One of the daily feelings of happiness that you can feel in so many moments. Find solutions tailored to the characteristics of the space you want to wear.

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