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If you run any type of food preparation business, refrigeration will be a key part of your capital expenditure, and choosing the right type is a big decision.

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Here’s a quick guide to glass door refrigerators and some of their pros and cons.

Why Choose Glass Door Refrigeration?

This type of refrigeration allows your customers and staff to quickly and easily see the stock inside without the need to keep opening and closing the doors. The less time that doors are opened and closed, the more efficiently your refrigerator will run, and it turn you will benefit from lower fuel bills.

You’re also more likely to pick up additional impulse sales if customers can actually see what’s on offer rather than having to open a door to look.

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As with any type of refrigeration, another reason for having it is to comply with legislation set by the Food Standards Agency, who offer guidance to businesses on how to achieve the highest standards of food hygiene.

Types of Glass Door Refrigerators

There are a variety of types of glass door refrigerators available on the market, and companies such as https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/glass-door-refrigeration supply a range of options.

A glass door refrigerator can come as a single- or multi-door unit and be tall or under-counter. They also come with a range of internal capacity and shelving options to suit most businesses. But buying this sort of equipment is expensive, and so it’s important to think not only about your short-term needs but also your longer-term plans.

If, in the future, you’re going to require more work surface space, you might want to consider under-counter fridges in the shorter term rather than being left with a tall unit that will prevent the extension of your work surface.

Consider also your future plans for your product range. Might you require additional height and depth internally? What about doors? Have you got space to allow for hinged doors to open and close without impeding staff or customers or should you opt for sliding doors instead?

And then you have the aesthetics: what colour would fit with your brand, and does that even matter if the unit is going to be in a preparation rather than a public area?

There are many options to consider before you splash out on your new refrigeration unit.

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