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Getting to grips with a new sport is no small feat. Learning the rules of the game and establishing what equipment is required or even how to get started can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. But have no fear, you can follow these handy tips to get ahead in the game.

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Besides the most obvious requirement of needing a hockey stick, you may have yet to consider the following tips.

1. Develop Your Hockey Stick Skills

Stick skills include dribbling, hitting, tackling, dodging and stopping. By perfecting these skills, all aspects of your game will be enhanced. Consider the following tips to improve your stick skills:

•       Dribble with a Golf Ball
Golf balls are smaller and lighter than hockey balls, and dribbling with them will help develop finesse. You must use gentle accurate touches to control the ball, which in turn will make dribbling a hockey ball much more fluid. Or practise goal-saving skills with them, as explained here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sportacademy/hi/sa/hockey/skills/newsid_3056000/3056907.stm.
•       Hit Against a Wall
Hit balls against a fence or wall, focusing at first on your technique and then on your power.
•       Aerial Dribbling
Hold your stick straight out in front of you, flat side up. Place a hockey ball on the stick and tap continuously into the air as many times as possible. As you advance with this, you can add tricks.

2. Elite Mentality

Approach each practice and game with an elite mentality. Perfect each hit, be the first to reach the ball, learn from every mistake made and play your heart out. Imagine you are a professional and play as they would. Be the first to arrive at practice sessions, and be the last to leave. Play like the best to become the best.

3. Watch Videos and Read Guides

There are many guides and videos available to help you develop your skills. Watching a field hockey video will give you a much greater understanding of the game, strategies and techniques used. Be your own teacher and learn as much as you can about the game to become a great hockey player.  You will only be able to watch live television if you have a good signal so make sure you get a TV Aerial Repair Cheltenham company located on links including steveunettaerials.co.uk/services/tv-aerials-repair-and-installation-cheltenham to come and have a look at yours before the match starts to fix any problems.

4. Skill Camps

Explore available outlets for hockey in your area. Camps are sometimes run by professional players, who will help you raise your game in no time at all.

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