how to decorate your walls
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The walls are an important part of the decoration of the home, a wall can reflect your personality and your tastes, as well as can enhance the decoration of a space. Let’s discover how to decorate your walls.

How to decorate your walls

how to decorate your walls

Wall with pictures

If you like art and even if not, you can decorate a wall with paintings, either with paintings or with your favorite photographs.

Walls with words

If you want something very simple with a minimalist touch, on a white wall you can place some phrases or with your favorite words, you just have to go to a printing press and send them to do.

Fabric or paper figures

how to decorate your walls

You can create geometric shapes of different sizes and with different patterns of fabric or wallpaper and put them on the wall, it will look very original and beautiful.

Wall with mirrors

If you like to see yourself constantly or want to give a different effect to a room, you can decorate the wall with circular mirrors of different sizes, placed in disarray.

Paper figures on the wall

If you have little budget and a lot of imagination, you can decorate your wall with figures made with sheets of paper, you can put relief figures like clouds, rain, and umbrellas. Anything you can think of !.

how to decorate your walls


If you have some old dishes or beautiful decorations, you can put them on your wall, no matter if they are of different sizes, it will give a very vintage style to any room.

Floating shelves

This option will not only look beautiful on your walls, but it will also give the order to all those books, vases and ornaments that you do not know where to put.

how to decorate your walls


In a room with a fireplace, you can choose to use a rough and rustic texture like stone or brick, it will give a very warm and homely touch.

Now you know how to decorate your walls to reflect your style and your personality, they are very simple and cheap ideas ideal for any type of room.

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