Bauhaus style
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The Bauhaus was a school of design, architecture and art that was founded in Germany in 1919 and established the foundations of modern architecture and industrial design. Although it was much more than this, but today we do not want to talk about it but how to decorate following the Bauhaus style, that is, a functional and simple style.

Originally, he worked with primary colors such as red, blue and yellow, and with basic geometric shapes (triangle, square and circle). Everything evolves, although the essence remains. Let’s see how you can translate it to your decoration.

Bauhaus style


This style is based on simplicity, without making great boastings of any kind, something similar to minimalism. It can be applied, in addition to interior decoration, to the buildings themselves, which are characterized by having large windows and smooth facades. Again, minimalism and Cubism come back to mind.

Furniture with Bauhaus style

Already inside the house we can make use of different types of furniture that are introduced very well in the philosophy of this style.

The usual thing is to opt for ergonomic and practical furniture, in materials such as metal, plastic, wood, leather, steel, glass, etc. Nowadays this is very usual, but in the boom years of this school it was an entire revolution.


Bauhaus style

The colors you can use

Although I have already mentioned that Bauhaus school originally advocated the use of primary colors, it is true that if you want to use this style to decorate your house you have the option of introducing other tonalities.

Within the minimalism that characterizes it, you will be great white, black or gray, which you can combine with the previous ones to design beautiful contrasts.

Bauhaus style chairs

One of the furniture you can use to give your home this decorative touch is one of the Bauhaus-style chairs. There are many models and many styles. For example, the Wassily armchair, made with steel tubes and canvas fabric; the Barcelona chair, made of stainless steel and leather (in its origin, and other cheaper materials in other editions), or the Le Corbusier armchair.

Enter furniture with tufted style

We already know the capitonĂ© upholstery, right? If I do not remember with this article. It is an upholstery that you will remember from the chester sofa, for example, and that is very good for this decorative style. Leather is one of the most used materials and, therefore, it feels great to your Bauhaus-inspired interiors. You can use it on a sofa, in a headboard, in an armchair … They still have a geometric appearance so they will look great.

Bauhaus style

Straight lines and functionality

The straight lines and functionality are the hallmarks of this decorative style, so the decor you want to create based on it must have them very present. By this I mean that you can place furniture with geometric shapes but that they are practical. You can get a little closer to the industrial style we know today, so you can get an idea. However, it has its differences.

The most outstanding influences of this decorative style

The Bauhaus movement, in its origins, had the influence of Expressionism, Russian Constructivism and Neoplatonism. It was the purest example of art without ornamentation, in which the form always had a function. Its basic principle when creating a building or a piece of furniture was that its design was based mainly on the purpose it was to fulfill.

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