farmhouse style
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We continue reviewing different decorative styles and today we are going to stop at the farmhouse style, or farm style. This is the decoration of the country houses to which we can give certain modern brushstrokes if you want to have an air that reminds us of the shabby chic. In any case, it is a type of interior design that has certain characteristics that make it easily recognizable and that we review below through these ideas that I propose for you to incorporate into your home.

farmhouse style

What colors to use?

We begin with the colors. It can be a first small approach to farmhouse style, very easy to carry out in any of the rooms. Generally used for the base white and beige to those who season with others, in smaller quantities, such as yellow, turquoise or purple? Although it will not be enough with just the colors: to get a typical farm decoration you will need some more details.

The furniture

In this decorative style the furniture is usually made of wood and with patterned fabric upholstery in the case of sofas, chairs and armchairs. They can be made of wood in natural color or also painted, in white, gray or beige they are very beautiful. Place a pantry in the kitchen with the crockery in sight, for example, and you will get a very nice look to your decor.

farmhouse style

Vintage accessories

When adding add-ons to your farm-style decor, sure bets will be the accessories with vintage character: a retro telephone, some showers, some metal pots in the kitchen, with a crockery with floral pattern, plants or wild flowers or wild flowers in the entrance … Everything that can move us to the environment of a country house.

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The barn doors

If there is something that reminds us immediately to the purest farm environment are the barn doors. They are very decorative and bring a lot of charm to your home. You can use them as a sliding door to separate spaces, in the kitchen pantry or for the laundry area, for example.

Beams in sight

Another idea to be able to say that we are first of all a farmhouse style is to leave the roof beams in sight. If you opt for a base in light tones, paint them white or beige like the walls. You can also leave them in the color of the wood. In any case, they are always a great choice. Even if your house does not have them you can enter them in decorative mode.

farmhouse style

Farmhouse style in the hall

I like this decorative style in any room, from the kitchen to the bathroom through the bedroom and the living room. But if there is a space where I like especially this is the hall. Although not that especially large allows many options, and is that simply putting a pair of water boots, a blanket and a wicker basket or a wooden box, for example, you’ll be bringing that air farmer at the entrance of your house. There are many options.

Checked textiles

Although floral prints are always welcome another alternative that I propose is to opt for textiles with pictures. You can use them on tablecloths, rugs, cushions or bedding.

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