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The decoration is an art that is constantly updated with the passage of time although some trends always return or last from the reinterpretation of a new perspective. What are the interior decoration trends 2019?

Modern fireplace

During the winter, the image of a living room with fireplace is a clear reminder of the shelter so longed for during a time in which to seek shelter from the cold outside through a reading plan in the living room. The traditional wood-burning fireplace has evolved in the sector to present itself in the market in a wide range of proposals in which the aesthetic factor is especially important as a way to beautify the place.

Color of the season

Interior decoration trends 2019

The color Pantone of interior decoration trends 2019 is the living coral, an example of color that can be integrated into the space from the premise of simplicity inherent in the formula “less is more” to add touches of vitality, creativity and energy to an environment. A simple way to integrate this color tone in the living room, without having to make any kind of change in furniture and textile products, is to bring to the interior of the home the beauty of flowers that meet this descriptive characteristic in its tonality.

Therefore, from now on, when you go to the florist, you can ask for flowers that are trend based on the star color of the season. However, this will not be the only main color of the home in 2019. Other tones also present in nature reach the house: green and earth tones are an example of this.

Protagonism of wood

Interior decoration trends 2019

Wood is one of the most used materials in furniture for its quality and durability in interior decoration trends 2019. But, in addition, the perfection of the wood also connects with the possibility of integrating perfectly in different decorative styles, all of them, equally attractive. For example, the aesthetics of a rustic house located in the mountains or the interior design of a house that follows the norms of the Scandinavian style. Wood acquires meaning by its very nature in both contexts.

Golden color

Interior decoration trends 2019

Perfectly integrated in small doses, the sophistication of gold is ideal to add an extra elegance to a room. This is one of the proposals of the season that can produce a saturation effect from the perspective is more but you can love when you opt for details that have a meaning in the general context of the place.

By adding these golden notes you can update the timeless and classic white aesthetics because it forms a perfect combination with this base.

Practical furniture

Interior decoration trends 2019

The success of Marie Kondo author of the book “The magic of order” is a manifestation of a new philosophy in which the home seeks harmony through the organization of each space through furniture that meets this practical function of storage. A feature that can be present in all areas of the house.

In order to comply with this requirement of maintaining order, in addition to avoiding the tendency towards accumulation, it is also important to have a space prepared to place everything in its place. Furniture that combines the aesthetic value of the attractive image but also the practicality of everyday use.

The beginning of a new chapter of your life allows you to break the routine with respect to the previous stage. In this case, the chapter of interior decoration trends 2019 invites you to observe your house from the perspective of new trends such as those listed in this article. Which is the trend that you like the most about the proposals that arrive during this year?

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