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Five ways to improve window security might sound like overkill. Just lock them, right? Windows, of course, bring in natural light and warmth, and we love them around our homes. But windows are fragile too. For all the alarms and locks on our doors, windows still offer a weak point. Here are five steps that you can take to make your windows stronger and more secure.

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Keep them locked.

Yes, it seems obvious, but a burglar with an eye on your brand new flat screen TV will always choose the path of least resistance, and that is usually an unlocked, ground floor window. Keep windows locked at all times.

Reinforce the glass.

You can make the glass in the frame stronger with protective films. These films, either clear or tinted, harden the glass by sticking to and supporting it. A tinted film also has the added effect of making it harder to see from the outside, anything that might be of value.

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Barriers and meshes.

A solid barrier that sits in front of the window is a safe bet. Cages or bars make it almost impossible for someone to enter via a window. However, your safety comes first. These barriers should be on the inside of the window, with easy release catches should they need to be removed quickly.

Install smash-proof glass and extra strong locks.

Most burglaries occur because an easy opportunity presents itself. If the glass won’t break easily a burglar won’t persist. The same goes for locks. The locks that windows come with are usually relatively weak. Ask a window firm to fit your windows with more solid locks. For windows Dublin offers a wide range of companies such as https://www.keanewindows.ie/windows-dublin who will be able to do this for you.


Put motion detecting lights around your home. Angle the lights so that they light up the windows from the outside. No intruder wants to be seen. You can also install these lights at front and back doors, or light up windows from inside the house.

Our homes are our sanctuaries, and rooms flooded with natural light bring a sense of calm and wellbeing. With the right security techniques, you can enjoy your window-filled home with confidence.


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