bohemian decoration
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Relaxed, eclectic, ethnic, cozy and fashionable. This is the bohemian decoration. An aesthetic that we recreate in this article through the key pieces that you will need to achieve that boho look.

Interiors that dare to mix and that give place to unique interiors and with a lot of personality. Because that’s what the bohemian decoration consists of: free spirits who love to experiment, try new things and personalize spaces. You dare? Well here you have the decorative whims that you should not miss.

bohemian decoration

Vegetable fiber baskets

They are practical, decorative, versatile and a must-have of the current decoration. The baskets in vegetal fibers have earned a deserved hollow in our decoration. Details that conquer the boho interiors.

Why should not one of these baskets be missing in your house? First of all, because they are super practical. Place them next to the chair in your reading corner, next to the sofa in the living room, near your bed … In any case, these baskets are ideal for storing plaids, some novels, cushions, magazines, the remote control of television, etc.

And that’s not to mention how incredibly decorative they are, since these baskets stand out from the rest of the accessories because of their natural touch. Being made of vegetable fibers, such as rattan, wicker, coconut, sisal, etc. These fibers are hollow, so air and light circulate better. This makes them light accessories that decorate without great pretensions. In addition, they put a natural and exotic touch (for their materials) to the bohemian interiors.

bohemian decoration

Cushions with ethnic print

The cushions with ethnic print are other pieces characteristic of the boho look. They emphasize their rich geometric motives and their irresistible combination of color. To this we must add other details that add warmth and put the eclectic touch, such as tassels and beads.

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Details that provide contrasts and introduce textures in our spaces, at the same time that add warmth and opt for eclecticism. And this is mainly boho decoration: to mix and customize, achieving that indescribable feeling of warmth and comfort. Therefore, cushions with ethnic, Aztec and tribal motifs are a must-have.


Speaking of comfort, a textile that should not be missing in a boho interior is the kilim. These handmade carpets triumph in bohemian decoration for their vibrant patterns and daring colors.

They are perfect to add warmth, create contrasts, introduce color notes in boring interiors, delimit, highlight environments and are even ideal for dressing the walls with warmth. That is to say, they are super versatile pieces that fit in an infinity of scenarios due to their great decorative power.

bohemian decoration

Plants and flowers

We also recommend plants and flowers to add a natural touch to a boho interior. Whether they are exuberant plants in XL version that can decorate a small corner or floral arrangements in sumptuous demijohns.

Do not miss the cactus and succulents that are super trendy. Like the hanging pots that are ideal to brighten and refresh any interior without life.

Souvenirs and handmade pieces

At the beginning of the article, we talked about personalizing. And that’s right, bohemian interiors have that unique, unrepeatable and special touch that is achieved thanks to souvenirs and handmade quirks.

Pieces from all corners of the world give life to our decoration with eclectic touches and bring us unforgettable memories.

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