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There could be nothing refreshing than taking bath in a warm water tub. Heated towel rail generally uses water from the heating system of your home and maintain towels at a pleasant temperature. This stuff also serves to keep the bathroom warm just as the radiator do. This combination most of the time works perfect in the short space bathrooms.

 So, what are you waiting for!! Get to know more about radiators towel rails by going through the paragraphs below:

  • First take a measurement of the area, where you want to replace the radiator and buy a particular one that will go well with the style of your washroom. If you want to make the installation process a simple one, you should pick up a towel rail, the width of which will be same of the radiator’s width. If you can follow this rule, the plumbing connection will become much easier.
  • Close the valve that is meant for the purpose of water supply. This valve comprises a temperature indicator and is known as the wheel valve. This plastic cap first needs to be removed and should be held in the right place with the use of screws. Thereafter turn out the hexagonal valve clockwise till it gets stopped.
  • Then locate this radiator valve, which usually remain on the wheel valve side and point downwards. Thereafter remove the cap from the drain valve using pliers.

Since this is a long procedure and people need to put extreme effort to get success in this mission, it is better to proceed gradually. Here some of the steps have been mentioned. In order to know more about radiators towel rails, get in touch with bathroom products suppliers. In fact, you can also gather useful information on bathroom accessories from them.

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