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When decorating the painting walls of the bedroom, it is better to focus on the ecological compatibility of the finishing materials than on their practicality. The bedroom does not have high humidity, splashing fat and water, as in some other apartment areas, but this is a resting place, so materials should be as safe and natural as possible. In addition, due attention should be paid to decorative qualities, as well as color, because it is inappropriate to use flashy shades in the bedroom. So, what materials are most suitable for finishing the bedroom?


Wall-papers for painting walls of a bedroom are used more often, after all, they possess due variety and allow to create an interior in a room. With the wallpapering can be handled almost everyone, and the range is amazing. On sale, it is easy to find smooth and relief wallpaper, as well as wallpaper that repeats the texture of wood, stone or other materials. The wallpaper can be monophonic or patterned, have a different density and differ in some performance qualities: water resistance, ability to withstand washing, etc. For a bedroom it’s not so important that the wallpaper can be washed – it’s better to focus on the most natural materials.

For a bedroom paper wallpapers are great, especially if the room is not too sunny, otherwise, they will quickly fade. It is affordable in terms of price material, presented in a huge variety of colors. Paper wallpaper breathe, providing a healthy microclimate indoors, can be embossed, provide additional heat and sound insulation. paper wallpaper for the bedroom

Vinyl wallpapers are characterized by the best performance, but almost all types are not able to pass air, except for wallpaper with the use of hard vinyl, but this is quite expensive and not common form of decoration.

An excellent option for the bedroom – non – woven wallpaper: they are eco-friendly, let in air, easy to glue, but require a perfectly flat original surface.

Not bad for the bedroom suitable and textile wallpaper: on the basis of paper attached to the yarn of fabric. As a result, there is an environmentally friendly coating with good heat and sound insulation, which is important for a restroom. In addition, they are pleasant to the touch and are presented in a wide range. However, such a material can attract dust, so you need to pay attention to wallpaper with a special impregnation, and after installation carefully care for the coating. Similar properties are typical for carpet wallpaper .textile wallpaper for bedroom

There are cork wallpapers and wallpaper based on wood veneer. This is a natural finish, which increases the heat and sound insulation in the room, creates coziness and comfort in the bedroom.

Metal wallpaper in the bedroom is best not to use – they do not breathe. The way out is to combine them with other, more ecological types of finishes.

  • Steklooboi in the bedroom is used less often, and in vain: they have excellent performance, they can be repainted several times, they are able to pass air.
  • Wallpaper based on the Serbian, which in terms of naturalness can compete with cork wallpaper.
  • In style, also return lincrusta wallpaper, which has a relief surface, and perfectly fit into the classic interiors.
  • Separately worth noting wallpapers, for which the bedroom – the ideal room. With their help, the room can be given the right atmosphere, and even visually increase the small bedroom.


Painting the walls in the bedroom is one of the simplest and budgetary options for finishing, but it is by no means the worst. The advantages of using the paint for the bedroom painting walls are many:

  • the ability to choose the right shade of paint to create an interior dream;
  • on the paint is more difficult than on the wallpaper, leave scratches, which is important if there are small children or animals at home;
  • if there are complex architectural elements in the bedroom, such as arches or niches, it will be much easier to finish;
  • the simplicity of the process of dying and repainting;
  • Paint is an excellent background for photos or paintings if you plan to make them a decoration for your bedroom.

Among the drawbacks of using paint is the need to carefully prepare the surface of the painting walls, because they must be perfectly even. Not all paints after drying form a surface that can be washed, so the need for this property must be taken into account.

The paint can have a matte or glossy surface. Although the gloss is able to slightly mask the defects of the painting walls, for the bedroom is not suitable because of the formation of many glares from the light sources. It is better to choose a matte paint of calm shades. In the room you can combine different colors of paint, highlighting, for example, the wall at the head of the bed. This method allows not only to make the interior more interesting but also visually correct the geometry of the room.paint for bedroom walls.

To finish the painting walls of the bedroom you can not use all types of paints. So, oil is not exactly suitable: it though and not expensive, but has a sharp smell and a high probability of cracks formation. Excellent acrylic paint, which can be tinted at your discretion, and water-based, which withstand a weak and rare washing. Water-dispersion and latex paints also proved to be very good.


In addition, using decorative plaster is easier to decorate the bedrooms with arches, different ledges, and other architectural elements. Of the minuses, it is possible to allocate only a high price, but, taking into account the durability and uniqueness, the cost is quite justified.

According to the type of filler, plasters are different, and they are all equally suitable for use in the bedroom. The most accessible option – textured plaster, the filler in which can be small pebbles, mica or sawdust, they give the surface volume. In structural plaster, the role of the filler is performed by quartz particles: the final surface has not such a voluminous relief, but if the filler particles are slightly larger, one can obtain a mosaic effect on the walls. In Venetian plaster, filler serves as fine particles of marble, due to which it turns out to achieve a smooth shiny surface, which in appearance resembles a real stone.


The painting walls in the bedrooms were decorated with a cloth several centuries ago. So you can create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth, and since the variety of fabrics is huge, then there are plenty of design options. For bedrooms decorated in classical style, fabrics with patterns and embroidery will suit, and for more modern interiors – lightweight monophonic fabrics. Optimum use for such finishing linen and cotton, but fit and furniture fabrics. Externally, the finish with a cloth resembles a cloth wallpaper.

Of the minuses of this option – the accumulation of dust with a cloth, which means that the painting walls will have to be carefully and regularly vacuumed. But the decoration with fabric will create an original interior, and the walls will become slightly warmer and more soundproof.


Decorative stone is often used to decorate rooms, and the bedroom is no exception. The material can imitate almost any natural stone: sandstone, granite, marble, look like brick, etc. At the same time, it is much easier, cheaper and easier to install than its natural counterpart.

Decorative stone has excellent performance, it is durable and durable, does not exude any harmful substances. Use this finish better in combination with paint or plaster, for example. So, a stone can lay a part of the wall above the bed, around the window or other elements in the room, but if you trim all the walls in this way, then a cozy interior cannot be created – something like a room in a medieval castle.


If you want to create the most relaxing and cozy atmosphere in a bedroom, then it is better to find no material than a natural tree. For walls, you can use a wooden lining. It is made from natural wood: pine – the cheapest option, but this material looks great and well shows itself in operation. The main advantages of a wooden lining are:

It should be noted that natural wood is sensitive to moisture, but there are no springs in the bedroom, so this drawback can be ignored if you do not live on the last floor directly under the roof. In addition, the tree is prone to pests, so it must be covered with protective equipment.

It is worth noting that there is a budget alternative to a wooden lining – plastic. It can replicate the texture of any tree or other material, but it is not desirable to use it in the bedroom. First, it is difficult to call it environmentally friendly, and, secondly, it is not very strong, and even a weak blow can disrupt its integrity.


Laminate can be used not only as a finish for the floor. Today, this material is widely used for facing walls, and even ceilings. Thanks to the laminate, the walls in the bedroom are beautiful, durable and durable. The main advantages of laminate are:

Nevertheless, the laminate is susceptible to moisture and temperature changes, but similar effects in the bedroom are not observed, so this material is excellent for these conditions. To save money, you can use a laminate class 21-31: it is designed for rooms with a minimum load on the floor, and even for walls is ideal.


The main advantage of this coating is its environmental friendliness . It is made from the bark of the cork tree, and the cork wallpaper, as well as sheets and linens, are used for wall finishing. In addition to naturalness and environmental friendliness, the cork coating has many other advantages :

The cork has such drawbacks as vulnerability to moisture, abrasive materials, dents from heavy objects remain on it, but all of these impacts of the bedroom walls are not affected. There remains only one drawback – a high price, but for all the natural it is necessary to pay.


MDF panels are now widely used for finishing different kinds of premises because they have proved themselves in operation, they have an excellent appearance and at an affordable price is an analog for more expensive materials, because they perfectly imitate them. MDF boards are much more environmentally friendly than EAF because they are made of very small wood chips, which, when heated, liberates lignin, the main binder. In contrast, in the production of fiberboard as a binder used epoxy resins.

Today, for tiling walls are used tile, rack and sheet panels, they can have a relief surface, so you get a complete imitation of a wooden lining. The surface of the panels can be finished in different ways: painted, veneered or laminated. The material can imitate any kind of wood, stone, or other materials, be monophonic, but with a pronounced relief, so with its help, you can realize any interior design.


A relatively modern type of wall finishing – soft panels, which have a characteristic relief. Their surface is made of any type of fabric, leather, eco-leather and other non-woven materials. The main feature of this type of finish is a soft and slightly convex surface. Typically, these panels consist of three layers: at the base – hard plastic, in the center – sound insulation, and the outer layer – cloth or leather.

A good option is to use soft wall panels for the accent wall in the bedroom: in this case, the cost of finishing will be less, and the room will look cozy and stylish.

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