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For the countries around the Mediterranean Sea there is a perfect larder right on their door step. The sea provides an abundance of delicious ingredients that is regularly tapped by the people around it. Their dishes and recipes are all influenced by this mighty expanse of water, but it is not only the sea that provides the environment is also very suited to the growth of a huge variety of vegetable and fruit such as oranges, lemons and the mighty olive. Thirdly the lands are well able to support animals such as sheep and goats. Whatever you decide to eat and we shall look at some examples, cooking on a 4 Burner Gas Oven like the ones you can see at https://www.247cateringsupplies.co.uk/catering-appliances/commercial-ovens-and-ranges/commercial-ranges is a brilliant way of doing it. What kinds of tasty treats can we expect to see on the menu.

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The good thing to remember is that Mediterranean food is incredibly healthy and can help to keep cancer at bay. The case of cancer in people living around the Mediterranean basin is extremely low. It is due to the reliance on fish and seafood but also the use of olives instead of diary for cooking and spread has very strong health benefits. Its hard to define just one set menu for you to try but there are certain things that we can say are definitely on the list.

First let us start with Lamb. The Turks have developed a novel way of serving it in bread as a donor kebab. Its heritage lies not with a late-night food source after a boozy night it can trace its ancestry back to the birth of the Turkish nation, but it does have some presidents in Greek food to. Thin sliced lean lamb is placed between bread and salad is added. It’s a simple yet effect dish, the addition of chilli sauce is a must. Next is the dish of the south coat of Spain and the Canary Island it owns, and it is Paella. Once upon a time this was a simple peasant dish of rice, seafood and sausage. It’s a classic example of just throwing anything in a pot and frying it up in olive oil. Works though it has become a hugely popular dish throughout the world. The North African countries that make up the south side of the Mediterranean is represented by the Moroccan addition of lamb fruit and couscous. The Moroccan lamb is not as heavy has our sheep as the weather is warmer and there is less need for fat stores. The Moroccan chefs made up of that by adding turmeric and other spices to flavour it.

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All these savouries need to have a sweet to finish and that comes from the Baklava a heavenly combination of thin filo pastry and honey with pistachio nuts. It’s incredibly sweet and filling and make a delightful if somewhat heavy dessert. We’ve only scratch the surface here there is a huge variety waiting to be discovered.

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